I was born and raised in the lovely state of Connecticut. I swear it's not what you think! I love the diversity this state has to offer. Not to mention it's proximity to one of the greatest cities in the country--NYC!

I grew up in a suburban/urban area near the beach, with lots to inspire me. I come from a big family and have always been considered a bit of an oddball. Nevertheless, my family has always supported my creative endevours. My biggest supporter, however, has been my husband; not sure where I'd be without him.

I'm an avid crafter with a love for style, music, and life. I'm currently pursuing my MFA in ceramics.  It may have taken me a while but I've finally found my passion. What could be better than doing what you love for a living?

Other fun facts...

  • I love to bake cookies. And eat cookies. Nomnomnom.
  • I've taken three semesters of chinese. 中国的语言是很难的!
  • I hosted a radio show on my old school's radio station, WSIN
  • I probably watch Hoarders way more than I should.
  • I have a dog named Moose. He is the most awesome pugalier you will ever meet.
  • I have to consciously regulate the amount of emoticons I use. Otherwise every sentence would end with one.
  • My favorite video game is Harvest Moon: Animal Parade
  • I love listening to podcasts and NPR
  • I've been to two (comi)cons this year, and looking forward to the third! NYComicon!


  1. Hey glad to find your fun blog. I am also a New Englander!!

    1. Thanks! I try to keep it upbeat around here :3 Props to new england, woop woop! :D

  2. I have just fallen in love with you and your blog!


    1. awwww shucks, thanks! Your blog is pretty sweet too! :3


I really appreciate all the comments you lovelies leave for me. I read each and every one of them and every time I get a new comment it really makes my day <3 Thank you so much!

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