Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tune in Tuesday: "The National Anthem" by Radiohead

  • Genre: alternative rock, experimental
  • First listen: sometime 2007
  • Released: October 2000
  • Found out through: Zack
  • Listen to this while you're: being awesome
OK SOOO You all already know I love Radiohead right? Well what better way to celebrate the London 2012 Olympics on my blog than by talking about my favorite UK Band?! I toyed with the idea for a while and talking about an entire radiohead album seemed like an overwhelmingly daunting task, so I'm going with one song, picked solely for the title, "The National Anthem."

Everyone, Everyone around here, Everyone is so near, It's holdin' on

That's the gist of the lyrics in the song, which were randomly picked out of a hat (all the lyrics for the songs on Kid A were done that way). So I don't think there's any meaning behind it, although there can be especially when talking about the olympics amirite??? This is just a badass song, with the most addictive bass line I know.  It's the type of song that gets me pumped. For what? No idea. The entire song is one big crescendo with a climax of several horn solos going on all at once, then brought together at the end. Of course my favorite of the horns that I can pick out is the bari sax. IT'S JUST SO GOOD. The space noises in the beginning and media clips at the end really point out the direction radiohead was going at the time; prior to Kid A was OK Computer and The Bends and I suppose I'll mention Pablo Honey--not too much of that electronic stuff on those albums. 

I'll admit, this track isn't for everyone. My sister thinks it's too weird and creepy to listen to. I'm alright with that.

Happy Olympics everyone!

P.S. ~ may the odds be ever in your favor :3

Friday, July 27, 2012

OOTD // Date night: Rosy Tomorrow's

A couple of weeks ago Zack and I wanted to see a free jazz concert followed by a yummy dinner. The concert was just under an hour away, but unfortunately a truck turned over blocking both lanes....so we spent about an hour and a half like sitting ducks. On top of all that, the weather was getting increasingly worse; heavy rain, thunder, lightning--the whole bit. We missed the concert, but we were so close to the venue that we decided to still make it to Rosy Tomorrow's for dinner. 

The inside, like many restaurants, has all sorts of knick knacks scattered about the walls. What makes Rosy Tomorrow's that much more interesting though are the life size figurines (they have a man on a trapeze and a fortune teller :O) and the train they have going about the perimeters of the place. It's two stories and in the middle is the live entertainment, which sort of hovers over the bar area. On this particular day it was a man, his guitar, and some 90's covers. Nice cozy atmosphere for a stormy night.

Zack got an avocado shrimp wrap while I got a chicken bacon panini. He got sweet potato fries (which I stole) and I got just the plain ones. All was devoured. All was delicious. The portions are perfect and so are the fries *nom nom*

I came straight from work and wanted to be comfy all day, so I wore this dress I got from Target. Chartreuse has become one of my favorite colors lately! This dress fits just right. I'm sure you'll be seeing more of this one :3


  • Dress - Target
  • Lace tank - NY&Co.
  • Leggings - NY&Co.
  • Earrings - Forever 21

Although things didn't go as planned, Fiancé and I had fun. Also, we took triple layer suicide cake to go and it was uhhhhhmaaazinggggggggggggg. (5 types of chocolatey bliss)


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tune in Tuesday: A-1's After School Special

image via. also, listen to the album here!

  • Genre: hip hop, rap
  • Favorite track: "All That!"
  • First Listen: January 2011
  • Released: September 2010
  • Found out through: The Needle Drop
  • Listen to this while you're: reminiscing the 90's
A-1's After School Special IS my childhood. The mix tape opens with him telling his mom how "sick" he is and she lets him stay home; of course what he really wanted was hours of quality channel flicking. The album takes you through  the 90's as he samples some of the most popular shows (and commercials) of the time. Literally every track got me buggin' out over the awesomeness that was 90's television. Not only does he sample All that, Pokemon, Power Rangers, The Price is Right, and Golden Girls, his rhymes are sick. The Needle Drop calls it a nostalgic mind fffff....and he's basically right.

My favorite track on this mix tape is "All That!" because I relate to it so much. It's basically about growing up and appreciating your childhood while you're in it, because adulthood isn't what you expect when you're a kid. Although, my favorite lyric comes from "Charizard"

~ Still tryin' to fit all of my dreams in a pokéball ~


P.S. A-1 might still have this mix tape up for free download :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

insta-roundup: double date, moose, and unicorn poop!

A new thing I'll be doing from time to time, showing ya'll bit of my instagrams! I'll have to admit I originally avoided the app thinking it's a cop out compared to photoshop....But then I thought, who has photoshop on their phone :P? Either way, It has quickly become my favorite way to share some happenings in my life. On to the photos!

Danisha and I planned a double date with our boos to Plan B (odd name for a restaurant I know. Seriously, who named this place? Did they not take health class in 7th grade?) Although the name of the place irks me, one of there specialties is burgers. Their beef is certified organic and humane which is  something I truly respect and support. Very delicious, although I played with my leftovers....

My pride and joy of the weekend was undoubtedly the unicorn poops I made for a BBQ. Zack helped and between the both of us it took about three hours to make one batch. BUT OMGZ SO WORTH IT! I was so incredibly proud and they tasted scrumptious! I couldn't find the edible glitter but the silver gel had a little bit of sparkles so I wasn't too worried. These cookies went to a well deserving crowd; the BBQ was filled with friends, family, laughs, and good times.

Today Moose got a bath. Not one of his favorite activities, if you couldn't tell by the expression on his face in the first photo. The best part about giving him a bath is as soon as we're done toweling him off, he runs 'round and 'round the house for a good half hour. I should really record it next time.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thinking about going natural?

Before i decided to go natural, I went back and forth toying with the idea for months after transitioning for over a year. I hadn't the slightest clue what I was doing before I started looking further into it; the whole thing was overwhelming! I didn't personally know anyone who had natural hair and I had no idea what I'd do with it or how I would make the next move. After two and a half years of fro, I've come up with a few things to consider if you're thinking about going natural...

Why do you want to do it?

If your sole reason is to jump in on the trend (although I hate calling it that, but right now it seems like it is), that may not be the best reason. Trends come and go in a matter of months, maybe a year or two. Hair growth takes much longer than that. Whether you're transitioning or doing the BC, it's much more of a commitment than a fad.

The best reason is because YOU want to. simple as that.

Why I did it:

  • My scalp was getting worse with each relaxer I got. (Bad reaction, redness, scabs, maybe my scalp is sensitive? allergic? who knows.)
  • The older I'm getting, the more I want to eliminate harmful chemicals from my life.
  • Genuine curiosity! 

Get ready for attention...

Good. Bad. Stares. Glares. Questions. Comments. You will not believe the increase of attention I gained when I chopped off my hair and started growing my curls. Unless if you currently have an already out-of-the-norm hairdo, you will gain more attention. Although the number of natural dos is growing, it's still a minority within a minority. Most of the attention is positive and/or curiosity. For instance,  the most common question I get is, "How does your hair do that?" To which I reply "It just does!" However, I still get negative glares now and then. I think a few of those from older generations are firmly under the impression that "nappy hair is bad hair." I just shrug it off; what can you do? 

You'll be spending more time with your hair.

In my opinion, natural hair is generally easier to maintain. HOWEVER, everything was new to me my first year of naturalness. My mom was my hairdresser and natural hair was uncharted territory for her--and many hairdressers I might add. I have yet to find a hairdresser who knows how to manage natural hair. In fact, I don't think they learn in school how to do anything with fros except how to straighten them. If you live in a metropolitan area (especially Atlanta) you might find a salon that caters to your hair, but I'm not that lucky.

This means you will be left to discover your own hair. If you're used to salons, this might be a big jump for you. Take advantage of the growing natural hair community among the interwebs! I suggest doing the BC (if that's what you want to do) during a time of year when you're not too busy, like winter break or summer vacation. This will give you ample time to play around with your hair and figure out what you like in terms of products, routines, and maintenance. 

Get nerdy, do research 

This sort of plays off the last topic. There is a wealth of information available on how to take care of natural hair. Like I mentioned before, this is a minority within a minority, so most people dont know what to do with it. But there are some lovely hair gurus and more experienced natural ladies (and gents) that can help you out! You'll most likely be using a whole new set of products and tools, so it's good to start learning about what you want/need for your hair before you go natural.

Lastly, have fun!

It's your hair, you can do whatever you want with it. Natural hair is fun! But so is relaxed hair, and braids, and wigs, and weaves, and whatever else. Do what fits for you, your style, and your life. Don't listen to the debbie downers out there either. There's bits of controversy even within the natural community; like using heat or combs or certain less potent chemicals; but don't let that bog you down. In due time you'll figure out what you like and don't like. 

Hope this helps! Any other naturals have any tips to make the decision?


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tune in Tuesday: Jack Johnson

image via

  • Genre: acoustic, folk rock
  • First Listen: February 2005
  • Favorite Track: "Banana Pancakes"
  • Found out through: his music video for "Sitting Waiting Wishing" on vh1
  • Listen to this while you're: Relaxing.
OK. Lets be honest. What female can resist Johnson's melodies? His music is relaxing, catchy, and ukulele's scattered about. This surfing Hawaiian native certainly brings the island vibes. Almost any one of his songs can instantly transport me back to that band trip I went on to Hawaii, because that was as relaxing as his music is for me (side note: I need to go back there one day. Maybe for the honeymoon? ;))

I listen to an obnoxious amount of Jack Johnson. The funny thing is, I would have never noticed I listen to him as much as I do if it weren't for my Last.fm. I never know how it happens, really, but After RHCP and Radiohead, he's in 3rd! And I can't just talk about one album or one song here, since every album of his that I own sounds pretty similar, and put me in the same sorta moods...which is fine by me of course :)

TTFN! <3

Thursday, July 12, 2012

OOTD: Flowy Top, No Makeup

Although I love to wear, buy, obsess over, and play with makeup, I don't wear it every day. I've been working on clearer skin lately since I've got adult acne (probably from stress *le sigh*) I wore this outfit to run errands and go to the mall. I love the feel of this top, nice and breezy!

  • Flowy top - H&M
  • Tank top - H&M
  • grey skinnies - Pac Sun
  • Blue heart studs - Forever 21
  • Dangle earrings - Forever 21

close up of my naked face :O)

Moose wanted in on the photoshoot. Isn't he adorable?


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tune in Tuesday: Lykke Li's Wounded Rhymes

image via

  • Genre: Alternative, experimental, indie pop
  • Released: February 2010
  • First listen: August 2011
  • Favorite track: "Jerome"
  • Found out through: flicking channels, She did mtv's Unplugged
  • Listen to this when you're: enjoying a rainy day
Lykke Li's sound is exotic and mysterious, yet soulful. It's almost like she's lurring you into her world, the beat of the drums driving you further and further in. It's hard to pinpoint the vibe of this album because each track evokes it's own emotion. For example, "Get Some" awakens an inner vixen, while "I Know Places"is a small tear drop rolling on the side of her cheek.  This Swedish artist is truly a musician who is dedicated to her work.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

DIY: Kitty Car Freshener

A few months ago I got my first car (with a little help from mom n' pops; thanks!). I got those little packs of trees to keep my car fresh, but they only last a week or so each....And I'm not too fond of having to keep buying more. So here's my little kitty for my car!

everything you could possibly need for this project


  • Felt
  • ribbon
  • liquid stitch/fabric glue
  • essential oil
  • scissors
  • chalk
  • pins

my choice of scents

You can also use...

  • any scrap fabric (if it's thin, use cardboard in the middle to hold it's shape)
  • perfume
  • cologne
  • body spray
  • fabreeze
  • needle and thread
  • glue gun
  • elastic (instead of ribbon)

On to the kitty cat!

For the kitty, I first layered two pieces of felt. I kept them together until all of my pieces were cut out. I traced a 4'' diameter circle using a ribbon spool. Then I added the ears. Pinned it together, and snip!

For the face, I cut out two circles for eyes, two triangles for the inside of the ears, a smaller triangle for the nose, six skinny rectangles for whiskers, and a "3" shape for the mouth. All the pieces were still doubled, so I had a set in pink and a set in blue.

Using the liquid stitch, I glued the two kitty head pieces together, and then glued the face on using the opposite color set. Once the glue is dry, I cut a slit big enough to string the ribbon through (18" to 24" will do) After that, I used roughly 20 drops of essential oil on each side. That's it! ready to hang!

I named my car Freddie :3

These photos were taken right after I dowsed it in essential oil, so you can still see the drops. They disappeared after a couple of hours, but the scent was just as strong. Now every time I open my door, I get a whiff of tangerine and lychee, *yummmmm* It's been about a week and a half so far and the scent has yet to fade. I'll report back when I have to add some more essential oil.

The best part about it is you can use scraps and don't have to buy a thing! Even if you do want to splurge, it'd run you about $3 for materials, and anywhere from $5 to $15 for the essential oil. Also, I love that this is reusable!

I think I might make a Green Lantern logo for my brother, and maybe Jake for myself. Let me know if you try this out! I'd love to see :D


Today, August 17th I finally had to re-saturate my kitty. That's a total of 52 days of tangerine goodness in my car! The freshener shows no signs of wear or melting. :)


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

OOTD: Colonial Cook Out

This outfit was too cute NOT to share! I love this dress! Although I'll have to admit somewhere between when I bought it a month ago and now, my boobs got bigger. Thus, the dreaded button gap >_<; but a nice cami can solve that issue. This dress has lovely lace details that remind me a bit of the colonial times; perfect for the holiday! I think this outfit could work for non-patriotic days, too.

D E T A I L S :

  • dress - H&M
  • cami - ?
  • belt - Goodwill
  • leggings - Target
  • shoes - Payless
  • necklace - Kohl's
  • earrings - Claire's
  • bracelet - Gift from Zack when we went to Hawai'i
M A K E U P :
  • Revlon foundation
  • Naked palette - virgin, buck
  • Sephora liquid eyeliner
  • Revlon lipstick - abstract orange (026)

I wore contacts so I could wear sunglasses (also I haven't worn them in over a year :O) The leggings certainly helped prevent the bug bites, even though I got a couple around my ankles. I wore this outfit to church and then to a 4th of July cook out this past sunday. I have one more today and then another one tomorrow! Today is my city's fireworks, so I'm looking forward to that.

Happy 4th!

Tune in Tuesday: Bleed American by Jimmy Eat World

image via

  • Genre: Alternative rock, pop punk, emo
  • Released: July 2001
  • First Listen: back in my punk days (2003ish)
  • Favorite track: "The Middle"
  • Found out through: No idea!
  • Listen to this when you're: driving along the beach at night
I found it fitting since Independence Day is tomorrow that I pick something American...I mean it was this or an album by All-American Rejects.... Niether of which are exactly patriotic but America's in the name so...ANYWAYS....

This brings me way back to when I was in my rebellious teens; I listened to nothing but music of the punk persuasion. My musical taste has definitely broaden since then but certain bands still hold a special place in my library. This is certainly one of them! I would (and still) blast tracks like "Sweetness," "A Praise Chorus," and especially "The Middle." I love the message of "The Middle" because it's pretty much my outlook on life. It just takes some time, little girl, you're in the middle of the ride. Everything everything will be just fine, everything everything will be alright alright...

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Independence Day Nails! You're a Grand Old Flag

Here's a little secret: I stink at painting my nails, but I still love to! I'm messy, accidental, and I always manage to smudge them before they dry (my sister can attest to this). Nevertheless, I made a super easy 4th of July manicure! GO MURRICA!

base - red - white crackle - blue - glitter - more glitter - top coat
All the polishes from start to finish; except I didn't realize the red was a terrible crackle; I replaced it with a brick red (sally hansen). The OPI blueish glitter had bigger silver speckles that served as stars!

  1. Base coats are my best friend; I hate stained nails. womps!
  2. Two coats of red.
  3. One thin coat of white crackle. I deliberately left a couple of stripes just to make sure people kinda get it.
  4. Paint the blue square in the lefthand corner of the nail; I took up about 1/4 of my nail bed.
  5. GLITTERRR! I did one coat of the blue one first and made sure to get a couple of bigger silver pieces in each of the blue squares. Then I did a general glitter, still only over the blue squares.
  6. Top coat!
That's it! super easy. I like that this is kinda edgy and fun. It also goes along with the whole "grand old flag" HAHA get it? 'cause it's all cracked and stuff? no? ok...

hope you like it!

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