Monday, July 23, 2012

insta-roundup: double date, moose, and unicorn poop!

A new thing I'll be doing from time to time, showing ya'll bit of my instagrams! I'll have to admit I originally avoided the app thinking it's a cop out compared to photoshop....But then I thought, who has photoshop on their phone :P? Either way, It has quickly become my favorite way to share some happenings in my life. On to the photos!

Danisha and I planned a double date with our boos to Plan B (odd name for a restaurant I know. Seriously, who named this place? Did they not take health class in 7th grade?) Although the name of the place irks me, one of there specialties is burgers. Their beef is certified organic and humane which is  something I truly respect and support. Very delicious, although I played with my leftovers....

My pride and joy of the weekend was undoubtedly the unicorn poops I made for a BBQ. Zack helped and between the both of us it took about three hours to make one batch. BUT OMGZ SO WORTH IT! I was so incredibly proud and they tasted scrumptious! I couldn't find the edible glitter but the silver gel had a little bit of sparkles so I wasn't too worried. These cookies went to a well deserving crowd; the BBQ was filled with friends, family, laughs, and good times.

Today Moose got a bath. Not one of his favorite activities, if you couldn't tell by the expression on his face in the first photo. The best part about giving him a bath is as soon as we're done toweling him off, he runs 'round and 'round the house for a good half hour. I should really record it next time.


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