Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A New Love

Last week I had the privilege of seeing Lady Gaga perform in Atlantic City....and again for her first performance ever in Madison Square Garden. I can honestly say everything I previously thought or felt about her has been amplified to an almost unhealthy extreme.

To put in perspective the situation I found myself in, let me explain how this all went down. Thursday night I got a text from a superfan reading something along the lines of "text me back ASAP." Of course I think the worse and assume someone just went though a horrific breakup or someone's aunt died--needless to say I was glad to know it was about tickets to see Gaga. Mind you prior to this, I wasn't a HUGE fan, but I loved all of her music and her insane style. After picking a day and freaking out about what to wear, before I knew it we were on a four hour drive to the Monster Ball.

You could tell we were nearing closer to the venue by the outfits of all the little monsters. We did turn some heads, me with my red lace crown and him with his badass gagafied leather vest. We even got a few pictures out of the whole ordeal. The vibe surrounding the place was just incredible.

The opening act was Semi-Precious Weapons. Semi. Precious. Weapons. Let me tell you, no man can work a smokey eye and leggings like Justin Tranter. AND HIS BOOTS. Gorgeous. Check it. Their performance was explosive, addictive, and probably one of the best opening acts I'm glad I didn't miss.

On to Lady. Fucking. GA GA.

Her performance was absolutely flawless. Even the breaks for stage and outfit changes were entertaining. I (along with many others, I'm sure) felt them necessary to take a moment to geek out about what just happened. She has a way of luring you into a world of freedom. She "locks the freaks outside" so you can be whoever (or whatever, in Posh's case) you want to be. It may sound fake, it may be scripted, but I loved every moment of it and I'd be lying if I said I truly didn't believe her. For two hours you get to let go of any inhibitions or insecurities and fall in love with Gaga.

In case some of you haven't caught it, the whole concert was simulating the Wizard of Oz; instead of seeing Oz, She was off to the Monster Ball. Some of the obvious references were her outfits for the Scarecrow, the Tinman, and the Lion. The scripts to further convey this idea were incredibly cheesy, but completely necessary to absorb you into the whole experience, so I didn't mind. I just hope everyone else realized that's not how she really talks.

My favorite outfit by far was the "Living Dress" that she wore when she sang "So Happy I Could Die" I would describe it as a futuristic fairy princess dress, between the white sparkly ruffles and the fact that it moves. It effing MOVES. I'm already sketching a design for a dress similar to it for the next Monster Ball I attend.

Everyone has asked me what my favorite part was and it's still too hard to choose (cliche I know). But one of the most cherished moments was hearing her perform "You and I" live; particularly the time she performed it in Madison Square Garden. My friend and I were ecstatic to hear her announce that it will be on the next album!

I previously mentioned how the concert in Atlantic City was a last minute decision. It was clearly the best way to spend the 4th of July at such a short notice. However, late Tuesday morning I was still deep in post-concert depression. The same superfan IMs me to inform me that night would be her first performance ever in Madison Square Garden. I almost declined.


This seemed like the best and only way to cure post-concert depression. Had I opted out, it would probably have been the worst mistake of the year. I bought tickets hours before the show, and we ended up in the last section on the highest row-almost behind the stage-but it was beyond incredible. In fact, it was pretty special to see what goes on behind the curtain and to see her first before she goes out to center stage. Besides, we already knew what was going to happen.

1st Performance at Madsion Square Garden > 4th of July in Atlantic City. A jillion times over.

The difference between the two concerts could not be recognized by normal people. Every song, dance, and costume were the same. The only way I could describe it is the energy was just SO much more intense. I was in such disbelief that I couldn't even stand for Semi-Precious Weapons. I just wanted Gaga.

After witnessing two mind-blowing performances, I have fallen completely in love with Lady Gaga. She has such a pure, genuine love for her little monsters; it's easy to see why she's the most "liked" person on facebook. There's no way I can explain with words what these two experiences have done to me. All I can say is go to a Monster Ball and maybe you'd understand.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Office

Sadly, this office is not nearly as funny as the show. At my taking a stab at going corporate, I'm helping out with clerical work at my dad's office this very moment...well, I'm actually waiting for my next assignment...

Even though we don't have our very own Michael Scott or Dwight Schrute to spice up the mundane rituals of the daily grind, each work place has their fair share of clowns, drama, and Massage Therapy Wednesdays in addition to the standard work that comes with the position (OK, maybe not EVERY office has massage therapy wednesday).

Just like junior high, you have the jocks, the gossip girls, the class clowns, the kiss ups, the loners, and the disgruntled in every work place. You may think moving on to the real world would be rid of this nonsense, but appearently not. This morning I witnessed a full blown vent and gossip session between two coworkers about another worker who I guess is a kiss up to the boss lady and tells people off via email :O)

Well, 3:00PM is here, so that means I'm done for the week. LATA GAITAZ!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ok Go at Toad's Place, Live!

A few weeks ago, I went to see OK Go at Toad's Place. Needless to say it was flippin fantastic. I think OK Go is way underrated. Everyone knows them for their dance on treadmills and their upbeat pop indie sound. However there's more to them than that. In addition to their eclectic fashion sense, use of handbells and other coordinated dances, their lyrics are tight, witty, and maybe a little too smart for the average joe.

On stage, front man Damian Kulash exudes a flirtatious vibe--the guy every girl wants and every guy wants to be with lead vocals and guitar. Tim Nordwind plays those sweet bass lines and sings back up. He is, for obvious reasons, my personal favorite. I can't help but feel bad for Andy Ross. He seems to hide behind the spot light, but offers the most (I think) musical talent holding down guitar

and keys, in addition to any other random instrument the song calls for. And last but certainly not least, Dan Konopka droppin' beats on drums. OK Go couldn't be the same without him, haha. They played a bunch of their old favorites from Oh No and Ok Go, in addition to a few new tunes to be expected out on their latest album in the near future.

One of the opening bands has become my new favorite. Oppenheimer came straight from Belfast, Ireland. This two man band uses everything they got to give an awesome, loud performance. They certainly know how to entertain a crowd, especially with their airhorn solos and infectious electronica beats. Their music is influenced by artists like My Bloody Valentine, Dr. Robert Moog, and Stereolab. Rocky O'Reilly plays the keys, percussion, guitar, and mac (all in one song

too) while Shaun Robinson handles the drums and vocals during a live set and joins Rocky on keys and guitar in the studio. My friends and I got to talk to Rocky after the show. They had full blown Irish accents and were really nice guys (I love accents). They'll be returning to Toad's Place in April. Hopefully I'll be able to check that out.

After Oppenheimer, Longwave drowned the crowd with a loud wave of guitar goodness. However, not only did they drown the audience, but the vocals as well. Couldn't hear a thing they were singing. Their sound reminded me of Mutemath, so I was instantly intrigued enough to find their myspace. They could have been so much better live if you could hear the singer. At least Ned was entertaining :) (inside joke, don't worry about it.)
All in all, great experience. I will definitely go to see OK Go in concert next time they come around.

check out their sites:
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