Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Office

Sadly, this office is not nearly as funny as the show. At my taking a stab at going corporate, I'm helping out with clerical work at my dad's office this very moment...well, I'm actually waiting for my next assignment...

Even though we don't have our very own Michael Scott or Dwight Schrute to spice up the mundane rituals of the daily grind, each work place has their fair share of clowns, drama, and Massage Therapy Wednesdays in addition to the standard work that comes with the position (OK, maybe not EVERY office has massage therapy wednesday).

Just like junior high, you have the jocks, the gossip girls, the class clowns, the kiss ups, the loners, and the disgruntled in every work place. You may think moving on to the real world would be rid of this nonsense, but appearently not. This morning I witnessed a full blown vent and gossip session between two coworkers about another worker who I guess is a kiss up to the boss lady and tells people off via email :O)

Well, 3:00PM is here, so that means I'm done for the week. LATA GAITAZ!

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