Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dying my hair.....PURPLE!

I love love love how this came out! I have to get rid of it by the time my wedding comes around since I'm choosing to please my mother, It didn't come out quite like Nef's, but I'm alright with that.

I used fuschia and purple from Ion's semi permanent collection, sorta feathered and blended the two so I had two colors throughout. I liked doing it this way so as my hair grows I won't have a harsh line.

Cant wait to try another color!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

How I took out my Locs

As I type this I still thoroughly miss them. I fill this hole in my heart with marley twists, which is great but it's not permanent. Any whosies, on to the tutorial!

T O O L S :
Hot water in a mug
hair tie
An abundant amount of cheap conditioner
Dental tool

Each loc took about an hour, and I had a little over 100 locs so I literally spent the whole summer taking them out, 2-4 a day.

1. I found it easiest to put all of my hair into a high pony tail and pull out one loc from the back at a time.
2. To the best of your ability, dip the loc into the mug of hot water and hold it for at least 10 seconds. The heat opens up the loc to receive the conditioner and eases the detangling process.
3. using a quarter-size dollop of conditioner, squeeze it into the loc so it's super saturated.
4. Using the dental tool, gently pick away from the bottom up. Your hair will separate and the process will amaze you because if you're like me, you thought this was impossible.
5. once completed, I combed and twisted it out of the way.


Each week I washed my hair, keeping my loose hair separate. I kept the loose hair in twists neatly tucked away in a bun or a ponytail. I worked at a camp full time 6 days a week and at a pharmacy for 14-20 hrs a week, so I was quite the busy lady. Just know it's possible!

I went to a salon the moment I was done because I didn't know if my hair was damaged, if I would have to cut it all off or what. I got my hair professionally washed and trimmed by a salon who knows natural hair. To my surprise, only about an inch was trimmed off! *happy dance*

This process can be done at any stage of locked hair because at the end of the day, locs are just beautifully organized knotted hair. Good luck!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ice Bucket HACK

I was nominated...I thought I escaped this....but here I go. I switched it up and opted for the hack and donated five bucks to each cause. For more info, check out icebuckethack.com :)


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Adventure Time: Sister Tries Sushi

Have you ever been so excited to share a new experience with someone but also feared their potential hatred for said experience? Welp, I feel like ever sushi lover has felt that when convincing someone skeptical to try it out.

Years ago we would go to sushi places with friends and I kid you not, she would bring a tupperware of chicken and just order a miso soup. I of course would try to coax her with the fact that i really don't like seafood and sushi doesn't taste like other fish.

Turns out she really likes it. Yay!

But that's not all we did that day. She was officially our first overnight guest in the new apartment. We had a busy night planned helping a friend in Greenwich film his music video. Before we headed over I had errands to run and I was itching to check out the farmer's market up the road. It was super cute; I'm pretty excited to have one so close by!

It's on the smaller side, but it had all the essentials and was very affordable. I had already done enough grocery shopping for the week, but I wanted to see what was there since i never really been to a farmer's market.

What was really great is that it's right next to the community garden. The gate was closed but at some point I definitely want to find out more about it and see if I can participate.

Lastly, the Sugar bakery truck was there! They won  Cupcake Wars on the Food Network. I can taste why. I got a chocolate salted caramel cupcake and my sister got a peanut butter snickers cupcake. She wasn't as impressed but she also doesn't care for sweets. Let me tell you, these little things are heaven.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Why did I start locs....and then comb them out 9 months later?

Real talk. My hair has grown to be very important to me. At the time that I was contemplating locs, my hair was already past my shoulders (when reasonably straightened), thick, and mostly healthy. However, detangling my tresses was a beast. I've always loved box braids and my mini twists and knew without a doubt I would love to have them for as long as I can; so to me that meant locs.
I was hesitant to go to a salon because finding a reputable salon in CT experienced with natural hair via google searching is quite near impossible. I also couldn't get a clear answer as to how much it would cost me. I saw estimates on forums ranging from $80 to $300+. Not knowing any salons to call and ask, and knowing the longer and thicker your hair is the more money you spend, I had my sister and good friend help me install them. 

I loved them. I'm not gonna lie, they were awesome. I didn't mind the process of retwisting although there were a few times that I really didn't want to. I went to a salon twice within my nine months of having locs--once was through word of mouth in a sketchy cash only establishment, and the 2nd time was a prize I won at a natural hair event. 

6 months in they were definitely maturing. i never had a problem with how they looked, and they were finally really locking. With all the positives why would I go through the painstakingly long process of combing them out?

Right around 7 months, my scalp would not stop itching. My scalp felt slightly irritated ever since month 3 or 4, but it was nothing I couldn't tolerate. I washed my hair every other week, just like I did with loose hair, and did a few rinses in between wash days since I work in a slightly dustier than average place (clay does that). I would make sure to never go to bed with damp hair, have been using simple products I knew I wasn't allergic to, and only retwisted once every 3 to 4 weeks. I've tried a few different remedies to try and alleviate it but nothing worked. My scalp just felt terrible. and was only getting worse.

After hours of searching I finally found contact information for two salons that I thought might help me redo them. One offered extensions (cutting off my current locs and then installing fake ones) and the other said that it is possible to take them out but it's a very long process so they don't offer the service. They were nice enough to offer a free consultation and let me know all the tools and teach me how to do it. I am forever grateful to them even though I was never able to follow through and meet them due to my hectic schedule. I then found a super helpful youtube video and started the process July 4th. As of today I still have about ten locs left.

I'll explain how I did it in another post, but yeah. That's my loc story. Sad to see them go but I'm happy to have my fro (almost) back. It's actually a little bit longer than when I started so I'm hoping after a trim it wont be too much shorter. I might be insane for not just cutting them off and being done with it but I really didn't want short hair for my wedding. Such a simple reason for the madness, I know. 


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

ComiConn 2014!

For my first comic convention, it was super fun! It was definitely overwhelming, though. So much to see! I didn't know anyone that was talking at the panels or performing except AKIRA, who put on an awesome show.

AKIRA is an electro-pop/EDM artist who just released his first single "Zero" in iTunes. I was so happy I got to see him perform! He did a cover of Gaga's "Venus" that was fitting for the venue; my favorite original song of his would have to be "Gravity" Check it out if you get a chance!

So I mostly walked around aimlessly with my friends and sister. We must have made at least four complete laps around the place and saw something new each time. The best part was taking pictures with fellow cosplayers ^_^

My sister went as Storm and it was boss. She made a belt and and rocked white hair and pleather and the whole bit. We found a Rogue.

 I basically flipped when I found a Leelo.

And Toph

And Bathrobe Gandalf.


But what took the cake was this one right here. She cosplayed the cat from the Cat Returns!!! WHAT! We were the only Studio Ghibli cosplays. Her's was definitely a bit more obscure but it's my favorite film on the box set and she pulled it off so expertly! Definitely made my day.

As for my purchases, Sister and I bought my dad a Star Trek tie clip, and I got my big bro Deadpool and Wolverine shot glasses. I got myself a whole bunch of pins and a manga.

I am super stoked to go to my next comicon whenever that will be. Here's a baby Yoda caressing a live R2D2 to end this post.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Totoro Cosplay

Lately my outfits for halloween/cosplay have been furry creatures (Jake, Cheshire Cat, and now Totoro) and with all of them I turn regular outfits in their color into my costume. It typically involves thrift store finds, markers, sewing ears and a tail, and a little (or a lot) of makeup. Either way it's always fun. The best part is most of the costumes can be worn as part of a regular outfit!

For this particular one, I sewed a tail and ears, then pinned the tail to the back of my cardigan and used wire to attach the ears to the head band and hold them up. Add a few boomerangs to a cream colored tank top and BOOM! I became Totoro.

It was super great to connect with those who also were Miyazaki fans. And if they didn't understand who I was, they were all "nice cat costume!" and I promptly turned away as they did not deserve my attention. JK! I just said thanks; trying to describe who Totoro is was too much effort. More details on my first comicon to follow!


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Meet Lucy

So on that list of what has happened I forgot to mention my family got another dog. (How on earth could I possibly forget??) we adopted her in march as a wee lil pup and we all love her little quirks...although Moose took his time to get used to her. 

Baby Lucy was super cuddly and confused about everything. Now she's full of energy and still confused about everything. She loves to play, eat, and chase shadows. 

She's half bulldog and half beagle. She and Moose are now basically best buddies. 


My first comicon tomorrow!

I am so excited! Tomorrow is my first comicon and my friend Akira will be performing tomorrow, which makes it even more special. I spent the last three and a half hours putting together my cosplay outfit; a little messy but totally worth it. Here's a peek! 


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Adventure Time: Books & Company and Le Petit Gourmet

This book store is a community gem. I was on my way to an appointment and had some time to spare so I decided to stop in; so glad I did! It's located right on the corner of Whitney Ave and Putnam in Hamden. It features half priced (or lower) gently used books of all kinds. My favorite part however would have to be the beautiful little gifts, from jewelry to ornate journals to tibetan prayer flags. IT'S JUST SO DARN CUTE.

It was also very welcoming and exuded a lovely "come relax, chill" type of vibe. In the back of the store there's coffee and a parent/kids reading area. The staff was super friendly too!

Right next door was Le Petit Gourmet, which is this quaint little cafe that served me the most bomb panini I've had I think ever (the southwestern one, you should try it!). This establishment is also approachable and friendly; don't be intimidated by all the old biddies having their lunch dates.

Back to Books & Company, I want to show off the bracelets I picked up today:

Cute right?! They were on sale at the book shop. I will definitely be frequenting this place.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


So what do I want to do here on this blog I've come to love? I think I'll be talking more about my studio life (art, pottery, etc). But I still want to talk about beauty/hair things and food and adventures and DIYs. Is that too much for a blog? should I separate them? 

I think blogging about my studio time would help move along my process; plus it's fun to geek out over ceramic stuff. 

I should probably have a post like "Ceramic terms 101" or "Ceramic terms for dummies" except I don't like calling people dummies.

Eventually there will probably be a few wedding related things on here; I haven't decided how I'm going to work that out.

I might also want to do more reaction posts to things in the news or other happenings, since those sorts of things tend to relate back to my work. I worry that it might cause some unwanted/unnecessary tension but we'll see.

I think managing more than one blog is less fun, so I suppose my readers will have to deal with the myriad of topics I'd like to explore.


Monday, August 11, 2014

So I already stink at this challenge...

But my summer was eaten by a multicolor bus. It was hectic working two jobs and trying to accomplish taking out locs and apartment hunting and moving, but at least the job is over and I have the week (pretty much) off! I will definitely catch up on the posts to have 31 by the end of August.

The kids were the best part about this experience. We had different arts and crafts activities for them every week in addition to sports and games. I went to a different park each day six days a week, so I got to see many different sides of New Haven. I started so many gimps that I've dubbed myself the Gimp Goddess of Elm City; I must have done at least 4 lessons a week on how to do something gimp related too. It was worth it to see their eyes light up once they finally got the hang of it.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Good Vibes

I just got back from a party at a friend's house. It was luau themed so I got to wear the dress I got from Hawaii :). This couple is all about celebrating life and it's truly infectious. It's important to surround yourself with positive people like that. Short post from a tired and slightly inebriated blogger :P


Friday, August 1, 2014

BEDA Challenge: Welcome Back!

I have a terrible habit of running myself to the ground. I become too busy, spread too thin, and as I'm sure many you fellow bloggers know, the blog tends to be what suffers. I love this blog and I've thought about it multiple times a day, every day. I'll think to myself, "what can I write about after not posting in so long?" "Should I go back and post things I was planning to after a long time?" "I should just stop hiding" "BUT IT'S BEEN SO LONG"

These thoughts just go round and round and round but really, I shouldn't keep holding myself to some standard or pressuring myself to be some amazing perfect blogger. I realize every blogger has a post like this and readers around the globe are like "ugh another haitus post." But there's something therapeutic about posting it.

I've decided to return to blogging by blogging every day in August to get myself back into the habit. It'll be a challenge and probably more personal rambling than anything, but I am so looking forward to it.

So what have I been up to?

  1. I started locs in October of last year! they looked pretty good until...
  2. I took out my locs! they were pretty much almost mature, but my scalp was suffering and I'll talk about this more in another post. I still have like 20 something more locs to comb out too >_>
  3. I graduated college! and my degree came in the mail sooner than expected. yay! 
  4. We set a date for the wedding and that has commenced the planning :O
  5. My senior show was pretty awesome, the pictures of the exhibition are on my Facebook.
  6. I made it into my first nationally juried art show and I couldn't be happier about it.
  7. I've been driving an art bus for my summer/second job that I cannot wait to end. The kids are wonderful but 6 days a week is not easy.
  8. NCECA was rad, as usual. Milwaukee was pretty dope.
  9. Grad school is a definite next step assuming I get in; I'm looking at fall of 2015 to start towards an MFA in ceramics.
  10. In the mean time I'll be working as a studio assistant at my university (yay studio access!)
  11. I cannot wait to throw again
  12. I'm also in the process of moving! So exciting! So much stuff! I'm definitely going to be getting rid of a bunch of things
  13. Did I mention I cannot wait to throw again?
  14. I've been trying to eat better. The more I read about our food supply in the states, the more I know how crucial it is to pay attention to what goes in our bodies.
  15. I've also taken a women's studies class that totally opened my eyes even wider to the importance of feminism. 
  16. I got new glasses!! I've had those cateye ray bans for almost 4 years. It was a scary process since I realized they were a bit of a security blanket.

I'll stop there because I really like the number 16, and I think that just about covers all the important stuff. Fore those of you who have stuck around after supporting my blog in the past, I thank you so much! I'm not sure which way I want to go with this blog, but I'm happy to be back.

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