Monday, August 11, 2014

So I already stink at this challenge...

But my summer was eaten by a multicolor bus. It was hectic working two jobs and trying to accomplish taking out locs and apartment hunting and moving, but at least the job is over and I have the week (pretty much) off! I will definitely catch up on the posts to have 31 by the end of August.

The kids were the best part about this experience. We had different arts and crafts activities for them every week in addition to sports and games. I went to a different park each day six days a week, so I got to see many different sides of New Haven. I started so many gimps that I've dubbed myself the Gimp Goddess of Elm City; I must have done at least 4 lessons a week on how to do something gimp related too. It was worth it to see their eyes light up once they finally got the hang of it.

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