Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Alt Groove 2.20.13

IT'S BACK! Finally, right? First show of the semester ya'll, and it felt better than expected. 

  • Around this time, those diet and eating healthy resolutions start to fade. But fear not! here's a list of some helpful heathy tips to keep you on track. One that's not mentioned that's great for college students: use less of the seasoning pack to cut out some sodium, and add things like frozen veggies, chicken, tofu, or beans to add protein, fiber, and other awesome nutrients that are lacking from this typical meal. With all that added goodness, you could split the meal and save half for later. Other favorites were don't drink calories, don't skip meals, and end calorie consumption 3 hours before bed time. 
  • Google glasses are here! But only for a select few to start. You could get your hands on a pair to test out if you're willing to drop $1500. THE FUUUTUREEE.
  • The new health care law will allow employers with more than 50 employees to charge overweight employees more for their insurance if they so choose. I do think this is a good idea since lets face it; with extra weight comes extra health risks. Employers are also implementing programs rewarding those who lose weight. 
  • Gaga cancelled the remainder of the Born This Way Ball. I'm heartbroken that she's injured, but excited that I'll be able to go to her concert whenever she recovers. She would have been in my area in March and March is booked for me. Selfish? Maybe just a little, but I wish her the best in her recovery!
  • Meteor hits the atmosphere over Russia. 500+ injured, but no fatalities. I think it was the illuminati. 
  • Woman accused of threatening Gateway Community College with a mass shooting. This is so scary because it's my alma mater, so I pray that this will be dealt with swiftly. The FBI currently has her in custody.
  • Blade Runner from South Africa shot his girlfriend through the bathroom door. Accident or not?

Missed this show? that's ok. Click here!

That was a mouthful. Till next time!

P.S. New thingy on the side bar: Events! Mostly galleries/exhibits that I've seen or would like to see in the CT and NYC areas. huzzah! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Our Trip to Brooklyn: Museum, Thrifting, and Mumford and Sons

For my birthday Zack treated me to a day in Brooklyn, since he bought us tickets to see Mumford and Sons in the new Barclay Stadium. I've been conflicted on whether or not to split it up into multiple posts because we accomplished so many awesome things or just to do an overview of the whole day. I'm going with the later for now.....although I miiight go into detail later :3

We started the day off at a sushi place since we drove in around noon. Fiancé was super awesome and planned out literally everything. He asked what kind of food I wanted and was able to find restaurants with good ratings in the area we were going to be. This place was small, but it was so wonderful!

Then we went to the Brooklyn Museum. I didn't get to venture the whole museum when I went with the art club, so I really wanted to see what this museum had to offer. There were tons of great exhibits! My favorite part though was the visible storage room. Decades of house wares, drawers filled with artifacts and jewelry, and cases upon cases of statues, pottery, and furniture. It was just really awe-inspiring. 

My other favorite part was the GO: a community-curated open studio project, which featured five brooklyn artists and displayed their work as well as a video of their studio space and their process. It was incredibly exciting for me because I'll be graduating soon, so its nice to see younger people being able to accomplish credible series and have their own studio; it's a glimpse into my (hopefully very near) future.

After the museum we walked around a bit before we went to a yummy Indian restaurant and came across this little gem. Hooti Couture is a vintage shop that also sells handcrafted jewelry. Zack treated me to a couple of goodies from this store and from  Beacon's Closet, another much larger vintage store that I fell in love with. So many great finds! I'll definitely be making a thrifting trip in the city when it's warmer out. 

We ended the night with the concert. This was probably the first concert I've ever been to where I didn't care for the opening bands, but Mumford & Sons know how to put on a fantastic show. They're so energetic, especially since their primary percussive instrument is just a bass drum. Their harmonies are amplified when they perform live, which I absolutely adored.

The whole day was filled with all of my favorite things. I couldn't ask for anything better. All thanks to my boo. *aww*


Monday, February 11, 2013

OOTD: Thrifty Librarian

This shirt is so much fun to match an outfit with since there's so many colors. With any outfit I put together, I try not to repeat colors of things. Makes an outfit more interesting, yenno? This time around I have two different shades of yellow, but i think it works. The shirt is pretty big on me and there's no shape to it, but i love it belted. Just another school day for this outfit (no pottery of course :P). 

D E T A I L S:

  • Top: Savers, thrifted
  • Cardigan: Urban Outfitters
  • Skirt: H&M
  • Leggings: H&M
  • Shoes: Kohl's
  • Hoops: Delias
  • Birdie studs: Delias
  • Necklace H&M?

M A K U P:
  • Urban Decay's Deluxe Shadow Box palette: Fishnet, Ransom
  • Liquid eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Smashbox BB cream

TTFN! <3

Saturday, February 9, 2013

And the winner of the UD e-Giftcard is...

~* Jenny L. *~

Wahoo! This was fun. I'll probably do this again with the next monumental achievement for zee blog. I hope whatever Urban Decay product you decide on tickles your fancies, Jenny!

TTFN! <3

Friday, February 8, 2013

Instagram: Snow Day edition

In case you didn't already know, New England is being clobbered right now by Nemo. My school actually cancelled classes for today well before yesterday ended, which is SO rare. Not that I had classes anyways. What's even more rare is the pharmacy closing early; thus me getting out of work early. Huzza!!

My little bro was so awesome and made the fam some hot Nutella chocolate. Approximately one tablespoon of nutella for every cup of milk and you got yourself some Nutella bliss.

around 11pm ....Moose had to piddle.

My Subaru!

I couldn't resist trying to make a snow angel. The snow was about 4 ft deep.

And here is Moose, my strange pup. He really loves the snow. I don't get it. He'll be inside shivering and then want to go outside and prance in the snow, and he's fine. Either way, I hope everyone is safe and warm. I've been catching up on blog posts, homework, and crafts. Feels good!


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