Friday, February 8, 2013

Instagram: Snow Day edition

In case you didn't already know, New England is being clobbered right now by Nemo. My school actually cancelled classes for today well before yesterday ended, which is SO rare. Not that I had classes anyways. What's even more rare is the pharmacy closing early; thus me getting out of work early. Huzza!!

My little bro was so awesome and made the fam some hot Nutella chocolate. Approximately one tablespoon of nutella for every cup of milk and you got yourself some Nutella bliss.

around 11pm ....Moose had to piddle.

My Subaru!

I couldn't resist trying to make a snow angel. The snow was about 4 ft deep.

And here is Moose, my strange pup. He really loves the snow. I don't get it. He'll be inside shivering and then want to go outside and prance in the snow, and he's fine. Either way, I hope everyone is safe and warm. I've been catching up on blog posts, homework, and crafts. Feels good!



  1. Dogs love the snow. I have no idea why! Mine always gets snow clumps stuck in between her pad pads and I can tell sometimes it irritates her to walk with it like that, but she doesn't care because OMGSNOWYAY. I just don't get it. lol.

    The snow we got last week is nearly gone now. We got like 3-4 inches in Chicago and it was super heavy and wet. But now it's melted for the most part, just a few piles and ice patches here and there.

    How much snow did you end up getting?

    1. officially we got 3 ft. My backyard had about 4 to 5 ft though with the drifts n stuff. there was no separation between our deck and our back yard :O) it's melting really fast now but there's still mountains of snow everywhere and some places still aren't plowed but....I'm finally gong back to school tomorrow! lol.


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