Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Off to NCECA!

the bun security patted down...
It's finally here! My fantastic fiancé drove me to the airport bright and early. I'm at my gate a couple hours early and I still feel like its not happening. Getting through security was easier than I thought even though they had to pat down my bun >__>...

This trip is going to be awesome. I'll be surrounded by like minded mud-loving folk and I'll be experiencing the whole trip with 9 other friends and two kickass professors. This is somewhat solidifying (in my eyes anyways) that I am a ceramics major. A little scary, but I'm finally ready to commit to a major AND GRADUATE.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Alt Groove 3.13.2013

I'm not sure why I like this gif so much. But I do. ANYWAYS this show's theme was spring break. More specifically what I am doing/what I would like to do on spring break:

  1. I'm going to NCECA! In case I haven't mentioned it enough, I'm going to a conference all about ceramics. I'm hoping to suck up as much knowledge and inspiration as I can.
  2. I want to go to NYC. I'm not sure what exactly I want to do in the city this time around, but I found this site that lists mounds of events all year round. Check it out, yeah?
  3. I am going thrifting. I need to update my wardrobe and there's so many benefits to thrifting!
  4. I want to go hiking. There's plenty of good places in CT for this and it's about time I take advantage of that.
  5. Hulu has a vast selection shows that people should take advantage of! I plan on vegging out on hulu quite a bit.
  6. I have a wedding to plan and I haven't done too much yet, but during spring break I might get a little somethin' started
  7. Lastly, I plan on blogging a couple of posts scheduled in advanced. huzzah!

Monday, March 11, 2013

My latest obsession: Kimi Ni Todoke


So about a month ago, I was catching up on my two shows on Hulu; Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. During school, these are pretty much the only shows I have enough time to (sort of) commit to. The last episode of this sesh just so happened to be the last episode of Private Practice. I was totally not aware of this. I just thought the entire thing was hokey and stupid and was like "what is this show turning into? why is nothing going wrong?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING SHONDA?!?!!1!"

Then I googled it. Threw a hissy fit. And then searched for a replacement.

I've always wanted to watch more anime so I figured with this empty whole in my life time, I should venture the anime that freely graces Hulu. Serendipity was on my side!

Kimi Ni Todoke is absolutely adorable. It's comical, suspenseful, witty, and a little quirky--nothing like Private Practice, but definitely what I was looking for! It's all about misunderstood Sawako and her journey through high school with "many firsts." Every social moment in her life is monumental and oh so precious. There's only two seasons up on hulu (and I think in general) and I'm almost done, so I just ordered the first three manga after reading a sample on an app of mine since it's further in the story line. I'm hoping to finish them on the plane to texas :D

Anyone have any other anime or manga to recommend?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Alt Groove 2.27.13

This show was dedicated to Black History Month. I have my own person qualms with the idea of highlighting topics each month, but it's more pros than cons methinks. I went over this list of super awesome women in black history and little known facts about them. My personal favorite is Condoleezza Rice.


  • The new advertising fad is to bring famous people back from the dead. I personally think this is a bit degrading to their legend. Having Audry Hepburn in your ad is great n' all, but is it really necessary?
  • Man reunites with his dog from ten years ago. Such a feel good story!
  • Super exciting news for the LGBT community and equality supporters! Over 75 republicans are now supporting same sex marriage! Who cares why they've flip flopped on the issue, it's a step in the right direction.
  • Climate change is among us, what will a hotter summer mean?


The Lion King on Broadway!

For my birthday one of my best friends treated me to MOTHAEFFIN LION KING!!! *ahem* Seriously the best play she could have possibly picked. It was a surprise until the day of; I was expecting a different show because she saw it in january, but I can see why she'd see it again immediately.

Wax sculpture of Rafiki

The play follows the movie with all the same songs plus a few more, so no surprises there. But the puppetry and the devotion to african cultural influences is what kept my jaw on the floor--not to mention the talent of the whole cast is just unbelievable. There's not much else I can say directly about the show other than everyone needs to see it. Everyone will enjoy it.

Danisha and I excited for the train!

Oddly enough, this play definitely left me inspired for my pottery. How? The fabric patterns! ALL the patterns! I've always been aware of the beautiful traditional cloths in african culture and I've never really ventured that side of my ancestry (or any of my ancestry for that matter). So this play made me realize that I should look into it!

Huge huge thanks to Danisha for the amazing day in the city!
TTFN! <3

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