Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Lion King on Broadway!

For my birthday one of my best friends treated me to MOTHAEFFIN LION KING!!! *ahem* Seriously the best play she could have possibly picked. It was a surprise until the day of; I was expecting a different show because she saw it in january, but I can see why she'd see it again immediately.

Wax sculpture of Rafiki

The play follows the movie with all the same songs plus a few more, so no surprises there. But the puppetry and the devotion to african cultural influences is what kept my jaw on the floor--not to mention the talent of the whole cast is just unbelievable. There's not much else I can say directly about the show other than everyone needs to see it. Everyone will enjoy it.

Danisha and I excited for the train!

Oddly enough, this play definitely left me inspired for my pottery. How? The fabric patterns! ALL the patterns! I've always been aware of the beautiful traditional cloths in african culture and I've never really ventured that side of my ancestry (or any of my ancestry for that matter). So this play made me realize that I should look into it!

Huge huge thanks to Danisha for the amazing day in the city!
TTFN! <3

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  1. I'm JUST seeing this...why??? Omg we had sooo much fun that day!! This is seriously one of my new favorite pics! I love you girl!! I know you're hard at work in the pottery scene. When you get a breather, hit me up so we can do it again!! Lion King 3 times? Crazier things have happened O_o...lmao.


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