Monday, March 11, 2013

My latest obsession: Kimi Ni Todoke


So about a month ago, I was catching up on my two shows on Hulu; Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. During school, these are pretty much the only shows I have enough time to (sort of) commit to. The last episode of this sesh just so happened to be the last episode of Private Practice. I was totally not aware of this. I just thought the entire thing was hokey and stupid and was like "what is this show turning into? why is nothing going wrong?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING SHONDA?!?!!1!"

Then I googled it. Threw a hissy fit. And then searched for a replacement.

I've always wanted to watch more anime so I figured with this empty whole in my life time, I should venture the anime that freely graces Hulu. Serendipity was on my side!

Kimi Ni Todoke is absolutely adorable. It's comical, suspenseful, witty, and a little quirky--nothing like Private Practice, but definitely what I was looking for! It's all about misunderstood Sawako and her journey through high school with "many firsts." Every social moment in her life is monumental and oh so precious. There's only two seasons up on hulu (and I think in general) and I'm almost done, so I just ordered the first three manga after reading a sample on an app of mine since it's further in the story line. I'm hoping to finish them on the plane to texas :D

Anyone have any other anime or manga to recommend?


  1. I will have to watch this! I'm watching Gintama right now and although it was a little slow at first, it's getting better and is HILARIOUS. It's got 200+ episodes, so it will keep me occupied for a while.

    1. ooh maybe I'll check that one out! :D


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