Wednesday, August 20, 2014

ComiConn 2014!

For my first comic convention, it was super fun! It was definitely overwhelming, though. So much to see! I didn't know anyone that was talking at the panels or performing except AKIRA, who put on an awesome show.

AKIRA is an electro-pop/EDM artist who just released his first single "Zero" in iTunes. I was so happy I got to see him perform! He did a cover of Gaga's "Venus" that was fitting for the venue; my favorite original song of his would have to be "Gravity" Check it out if you get a chance!

So I mostly walked around aimlessly with my friends and sister. We must have made at least four complete laps around the place and saw something new each time. The best part was taking pictures with fellow cosplayers ^_^

My sister went as Storm and it was boss. She made a belt and and rocked white hair and pleather and the whole bit. We found a Rogue.

 I basically flipped when I found a Leelo.

And Toph

And Bathrobe Gandalf.


But what took the cake was this one right here. She cosplayed the cat from the Cat Returns!!! WHAT! We were the only Studio Ghibli cosplays. Her's was definitely a bit more obscure but it's my favorite film on the box set and she pulled it off so expertly! Definitely made my day.

As for my purchases, Sister and I bought my dad a Star Trek tie clip, and I got my big bro Deadpool and Wolverine shot glasses. I got myself a whole bunch of pins and a manga.

I am super stoked to go to my next comicon whenever that will be. Here's a baby Yoda caressing a live R2D2 to end this post.


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