Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tune in Tuesday: Jack Johnson

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  • Genre: acoustic, folk rock
  • First Listen: February 2005
  • Favorite Track: "Banana Pancakes"
  • Found out through: his music video for "Sitting Waiting Wishing" on vh1
  • Listen to this while you're: Relaxing.
OK. Lets be honest. What female can resist Johnson's melodies? His music is relaxing, catchy, and ukulele's scattered about. This surfing Hawaiian native certainly brings the island vibes. Almost any one of his songs can instantly transport me back to that band trip I went on to Hawaii, because that was as relaxing as his music is for me (side note: I need to go back there one day. Maybe for the honeymoon? ;))

I listen to an obnoxious amount of Jack Johnson. The funny thing is, I would have never noticed I listen to him as much as I do if it weren't for my Last.fm. I never know how it happens, really, but After RHCP and Radiohead, he's in 3rd! And I can't just talk about one album or one song here, since every album of his that I own sounds pretty similar, and put me in the same sorta moods...which is fine by me of course :)

TTFN! <3

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