Friday, July 27, 2012

OOTD // Date night: Rosy Tomorrow's

A couple of weeks ago Zack and I wanted to see a free jazz concert followed by a yummy dinner. The concert was just under an hour away, but unfortunately a truck turned over blocking both we spent about an hour and a half like sitting ducks. On top of all that, the weather was getting increasingly worse; heavy rain, thunder, lightning--the whole bit. We missed the concert, but we were so close to the venue that we decided to still make it to Rosy Tomorrow's for dinner. 

The inside, like many restaurants, has all sorts of knick knacks scattered about the walls. What makes Rosy Tomorrow's that much more interesting though are the life size figurines (they have a man on a trapeze and a fortune teller :O) and the train they have going about the perimeters of the place. It's two stories and in the middle is the live entertainment, which sort of hovers over the bar area. On this particular day it was a man, his guitar, and some 90's covers. Nice cozy atmosphere for a stormy night.

Zack got an avocado shrimp wrap while I got a chicken bacon panini. He got sweet potato fries (which I stole) and I got just the plain ones. All was devoured. All was delicious. The portions are perfect and so are the fries *nom nom*

I came straight from work and wanted to be comfy all day, so I wore this dress I got from Target. Chartreuse has become one of my favorite colors lately! This dress fits just right. I'm sure you'll be seeing more of this one :3


  • Dress - Target
  • Lace tank - NY&Co.
  • Leggings - NY&Co.
  • Earrings - Forever 21

Although things didn't go as planned, Fiancé and I had fun. Also, we took triple layer suicide cake to go and it was uhhhhhmaaazinggggggggggggg. (5 types of chocolatey bliss)


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