Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tune in Tuesday: Bleed American by Jimmy Eat World

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  • Genre: Alternative rock, pop punk, emo
  • Released: July 2001
  • First Listen: back in my punk days (2003ish)
  • Favorite track: "The Middle"
  • Found out through: No idea!
  • Listen to this when you're: driving along the beach at night
I found it fitting since Independence Day is tomorrow that I pick something American...I mean it was this or an album by All-American Rejects.... Niether of which are exactly patriotic but America's in the name so...ANYWAYS....

This brings me way back to when I was in my rebellious teens; I listened to nothing but music of the punk persuasion. My musical taste has definitely broaden since then but certain bands still hold a special place in my library. This is certainly one of them! I would (and still) blast tracks like "Sweetness," "A Praise Chorus," and especially "The Middle." I love the message of "The Middle" because it's pretty much my outlook on life. It just takes some time, little girl, you're in the middle of the ride. Everything everything will be just fine, everything everything will be alright alright...

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  1. Ohh dear Ave.. Thank you sharing the movie.. :)) I keep following your blog closer and I added you blog on my blog list.
    All best wishess and Blessings..:))


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