Saturday, July 7, 2012

DIY: Kitty Car Freshener

A few months ago I got my first car (with a little help from mom n' pops; thanks!). I got those little packs of trees to keep my car fresh, but they only last a week or so each....And I'm not too fond of having to keep buying more. So here's my little kitty for my car!

everything you could possibly need for this project


  • Felt
  • ribbon
  • liquid stitch/fabric glue
  • essential oil
  • scissors
  • chalk
  • pins

my choice of scents

You can also use...

  • any scrap fabric (if it's thin, use cardboard in the middle to hold it's shape)
  • perfume
  • cologne
  • body spray
  • fabreeze
  • needle and thread
  • glue gun
  • elastic (instead of ribbon)

On to the kitty cat!

For the kitty, I first layered two pieces of felt. I kept them together until all of my pieces were cut out. I traced a 4'' diameter circle using a ribbon spool. Then I added the ears. Pinned it together, and snip!

For the face, I cut out two circles for eyes, two triangles for the inside of the ears, a smaller triangle for the nose, six skinny rectangles for whiskers, and a "3" shape for the mouth. All the pieces were still doubled, so I had a set in pink and a set in blue.

Using the liquid stitch, I glued the two kitty head pieces together, and then glued the face on using the opposite color set. Once the glue is dry, I cut a slit big enough to string the ribbon through (18" to 24" will do) After that, I used roughly 20 drops of essential oil on each side. That's it! ready to hang!

I named my car Freddie :3

These photos were taken right after I dowsed it in essential oil, so you can still see the drops. They disappeared after a couple of hours, but the scent was just as strong. Now every time I open my door, I get a whiff of tangerine and lychee, *yummmmm* It's been about a week and a half so far and the scent has yet to fade. I'll report back when I have to add some more essential oil.

The best part about it is you can use scraps and don't have to buy a thing! Even if you do want to splurge, it'd run you about $3 for materials, and anywhere from $5 to $15 for the essential oil. Also, I love that this is reusable!

I think I might make a Green Lantern logo for my brother, and maybe Jake for myself. Let me know if you try this out! I'd love to see :D


Today, August 17th I finally had to re-saturate my kitty. That's a total of 52 days of tangerine goodness in my car! The freshener shows no signs of wear or melting. :)



  1. So cute...:)) I like it too much. I may try to make this for my car..:))
    Thank you very much..
    Best wishes..:))

  2. So cute! i've never thought of that. Thanks for the idea.
    Thanks for linking up with us this weekend during SASS!

  3. Super cute! I'll have to make one of these. Do you know if it will come apart with super hot sun?

    1. Maybe if you use a glue gun it might. I used fabric glue; it's been two weeks and has survived 2 heat waves and a heat advisory (it's been nothing but 80's - 100's over here :S) I haven't noticed any separation at all. If I do at some point I'll post an edit on the blog post! :) and it still smells good too :3

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    1. thanks for the follow! followed back; looking forward to your book reviews ;)

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  6. this is too cool!


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