Sunday, July 1, 2012

Independence Day Nails! You're a Grand Old Flag

Here's a little secret: I stink at painting my nails, but I still love to! I'm messy, accidental, and I always manage to smudge them before they dry (my sister can attest to this). Nevertheless, I made a super easy 4th of July manicure! GO MURRICA!

base - red - white crackle - blue - glitter - more glitter - top coat
All the polishes from start to finish; except I didn't realize the red was a terrible crackle; I replaced it with a brick red (sally hansen). The OPI blueish glitter had bigger silver speckles that served as stars!

  1. Base coats are my best friend; I hate stained nails. womps!
  2. Two coats of red.
  3. One thin coat of white crackle. I deliberately left a couple of stripes just to make sure people kinda get it.
  4. Paint the blue square in the lefthand corner of the nail; I took up about 1/4 of my nail bed.
  5. GLITTERRR! I did one coat of the blue one first and made sure to get a couple of bigger silver pieces in each of the blue squares. Then I did a general glitter, still only over the blue squares.
  6. Top coat!
That's it! super easy. I like that this is kinda edgy and fun. It also goes along with the whole "grand old flag" HAHA get it? 'cause it's all cracked and stuff? no? ok...

hope you like it!

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