Sunday, June 10, 2012


I love my man, and we are obsessed with love Radiohead. We saw them four years ago at the same venue. I can't compare the two because they were both an amazing experience. JUST SO GOOD YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND UMMMPH.

*ahem* Anyways....

Caribou opened and it was just perfect to set me in the mood for a great concert. Their beats sound so much more intense live. It was my first time ever hearing anything by them and I absolutely adored it. I kept wiggling in my seat to their infectious groove; couldn't help myself! I made sure I didn't forget to purchase their album a couple days after the show.

Caribou - I wasn't actually able to see this with all the smokes and lights and daylight.
Comcast Center is an outdoor venue; really great actually. Except most bands' sets are best seen in darkness; no daylight to interfere with their lighting and smoke or whatever. So it was a bit of a downer because you weren't actually able to see anything....Not sure how Zack's camera was able to capture this but I'm glad it did! During intermission the sun had completely set in time for Radiohead's stage to shine ever so gloriously.
15 sets. HA. get it? I'm lame get over it. 
This was the most beautiful stage I've ever seen. For each song the screens would be lifted, lowered, and tilted in all sorts of directions in so many different colors. It was mesmerizing. Each matched the song's vibes perfectly. My absolute favorite color/set up combo was with one of my favorite songs, Everything In It's Right Place.

Speaking of songs, the setlist was absolutely positively unbelievable. They sprinkled tracks from almost all of their albums. They played all my favorites. ALL OF THEM. Well, all but Optimistic, but they played that last time I saw them. Seriously they knew I was there. I just get so lucky.

As some of you may or may not know, I am obsessed with Thom Yorke and his dance moves. He gets SO INTO IT and moves like no other. It's contagious, and I love it love it love it. And how can I not mention his voice? The voice that can so easily put me in a trance I'd hate to break out of? I have a problem, guys.

They had a second drummer who looks very much like Phil. Honestly, they were so tight that you could barely tell there were two sets, yet the complexity it offers was insane. Brain explosions occurred due to the complexity immediately with Bloom. Such a great way to start. SO GOOD. I thoroughly enjoyed the new song Identikit as well.

Last thing I need to mention is IDIOTEQUE. I have a relationship with this song. Zack would get jealous but he totally understands. When they played it live at this concert, they lit a fire under it and revved it up to an extraordinary level. The vibe of this song live is totally different than the studio version but I love it all the same. Needless to say it's my favorite song of all time hands down. I have no idea why other than how I feel when I hear it.

I'm SO glad we were able to make it to this concert; Radiohead is incredible live. I'm pretty sure Zack and I will forever attend every Radiohead concert we possibly can.


  1. You saw Radiohead twice...I'm jealous U_U haha I'm glad you had fun! I just added you on my bloglist btw!


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