Wednesday, December 5, 2012


HEY GUESS WHO'S IN THE SPIRIT?! I am! Finally! I took my hardest final today and I'm finally relieved of a ton of work. Not that finals are over, but I can officially relax. And this particular show went smashing; probably my best show to date.

Not a typical show I should add. I went over this list of top 5 things NOT to do in NYC, and some nifty gift ideas, some from this site here and some I've either done or want to do. Here's the list!

  • Secret compartment book - This is super inexpensive and great for anyone! I actually made a tutorial a while ago for this too.
  • Themed gift basket - It can really make a gift fun, give you direction, and if you're on a budget it could be within your price range!
  • Date Jar - purchase gift certificates, gift cards, and/or write down some "freebies" like go for a hike and put them in a jar with a pretty ribbon. So next time your boo asks "What do you want to do tonight?" BOOM decided.
  • From-Scratch cookies in a jar (dry ingredients) - I did this a couple of years ago and it was a really yummy idea, especially for some one who enjoys really good cookies but isn't so great at baking.
  • Memory Jar - This one requires some planning, but it seems worth it. Gather photos and/or little stories from as many people as you can for lets say grandma. So everyone who knew granny submits something to you, you print out the memories on small cards and if you have 365 memories, you'll have one for every day for granny to cherish.
  • Gift hotsauces! there's so many different types! anyone who likes it spicy would love this, and they average around $4 a bottle.
  • Tea cup candles - Nice DIY, I'm not sure if it makes a cool christmas gift, but I can dig it.
  • Experiences are always more fun than objects, in my opinion. Concert tickets, a cooking class, and a hot air balloon ride were some of the things the blog post mentioned that I'd be into.


I'm really proud of this play list! I did cut a few songs so maybe later I'll have this playlist in it's entirety up on spotify for all to listen? We'll see.

For now, you can listen to this episode in it's entirety on my Spreaker account!

Merry Christmas!

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