Thursday, January 10, 2013

Big Bummer, Revlon.


Yesterday I had the pleasure of helping out one of my friends purchase new makeup since the world of cosmetics is still new to her. I love makeup so this outing was so much fun! Plus her company is always  welcomed. She ended up snagging a couple of NYX crayons and eyeliners that I might invest in myself. (I got some makeup brushes for myself, too :3)

I couldn't help but recommend my two favorite brands, Urban Decay and Revlon. I love the quality I get from both companies' products (Urban Decay being far superior, obvs) and last I checked, they were both on PETA's "no animal testing" list. The outing reminded me of a couple of reviews I've been putting off so tonight I was all set to write a couple of reviews. I just wanted to double check on Revlon's status; I was so disheartened when I found out that after 20 years , Revlon declined to answer PETA if they were testing on animals and is no longer on their good guy list. I'm assuming this happened sometime last summer.

When I went to Bamboozle three years ago, PETA had a table and of course was displaying a horrific video of animal cruelty in various ways. I've heard some disturbing things about PETA and I'm not really 100% on board with this organization, but I did take their nifty pamphlet of companies who do and don't test on animals. This was about the same time that I was really getting into makeup but still didn't want to splurge so I honed in on the two drug store brands that were on the good list and that were easy to find: Revlon and Physician's Formula. I really liked the results from Revlon so I really just stuck with that brand, since It's nice on my wallet.

So once I found out this womptastic news I went through a mental list of all the products I use and checked PETA's constantly updated database. I didn't see Benefit, Aveeno, or Milani, but I was happy to see everything else on the no-testing list. They give a very thorough explanation of both lists and even have PDFs that make looking up a company super easy.

SO am I going to throw out all of my animal-tested make up?

Oh gosh no. I can't afford to replace everything that I have all at once and that would be a huge waste and I HATE waste. I'll use up what I have until I can afford to start looking for a good replacement. I'm most crushed about my foundation which is SO GOOD for the price and I literally JUST bought it. 

What I WILL do is no longer support any of the Revlon or other products that test on animals (that I'm aware of) on this here blog or any other interwebs I partake in. I'll commit to the best of my ability to only purchase beauty products with the bunny :3. I think the only thing other than my Revlon stash and a few select other items is my deodorant, so it's not too bad.

Hopefully Revlon will speak up and just let everyone know one way or the other rather than silence. HOPEFULLY they'll get back on track. I mean 20 years of a commitment to no animal testing to just throw it all away? That's what drew me as a customer in the first place. ~*le sigh*~

I'd really like to know what you all think about animal testing. From what I get it's a personal choice like being a vegetarian, yenno? But just like meatless mondays, every little bit helps.


P.S. Have you seen Jacqueline Traide's social sculpture performance for Lush on this issue? I saw this floating around tumblr and I'd have to say I really applaud her. (WARNING: graphic images)


  1. That's crazy that they would start testing on animals after that long. Hopefully they'll wise up!

    1. gah, that's what I'm sayinnnn; It was so easy to shop cruelty free with them :\

  2. It's disappointing that a company would make an effort to go such a long time without testing on animals and then suddenly make the change. I hope they just were too busy making a new mascara or something to answer the question :/

    I dont know how I feel about that Lush campaign. I used to work at a Lush and thought their products and their overall mission of handmade, as natural as can be, fresh products was awesome. But then their campaigns? So obnoxious. Like they were using xyz campaign to make people aware of an issue just so they can sell a product. The point of this campaign was obvious and probably hit home to a lot of people that walked by, saw the pictures or just heard about it. But it actually turns me off of shopping at Lush for going that far because it feels like a big shock-filled gimmick :/


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