Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Geeking out over pottery here

Yesterday was my first day of school and I just wanted to take a moment to express how excited I am for pottery class. Honestly I feel like Spongebob. My enthusiasm for learning is UNPARALLELED. lol really though, I thought about it all throughout break. I love making functional items and I can really see this as a fulfilling career for me.

The first class was intended to be just an explanation of the expectations for the class, hand out the syllabus, and that'd be that. BUT my professor being as awesome as the people in the studio have been saying, she hung around and did a demo for those of us who didn't leave early. After she left, I was pretty intimidated by the wheel. One of my friends gave me a little push to just try it, so I did. The clay flung off a couple of times but he showed me one more time what to do and really guided me. As a result, I successfully made my first cylinder!

Everyone around the studio is super helpful and nice and just awesome. They make it a great atmosphere for learning so I really lucked out. Tomorrow I'm hoping to put in a few hours of practice; looking forward to it!

BTW, this is the sweater I got from the thrift store when I went ugly sweater shopping with fiancé. It's groovy yeah? I'm in the hand building room waiting for my health class to start since pottery 2/3 is happening next door. I was going to go to the radio station for my office hours but I'm locked out ~*le sigh*~ I probably wont get opportunities like this once the semester is in full swing.

Side note: I had the most vivid dream that I was showing with Yayoi Kusama at a gallery and we were hanging out and just having a jolly good time. My dream was probably not an accurate portrayal of her personality but whatevs. I found out about her recently through my art history class last semester so her work has been on my mind. Best dream ever.


Anyways, here's to a productive semester filled with mugs!
- Avé

P.S. Post #100 is right around the corner, I think I'll be doing a give away :3

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  1. Fun! I love this post and your photo is terrific. I invite you to share at my Thursday hop ( its still open) xo


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