Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bring on the Heat!


I dread summer every year because it's always the most uncomfortable. Don't get me wrong--my curves look great in summer dresses and breezy skirts, but I've always had a problem with chafing in my inner thigh area. I've tried biker shorts, leggings, powder, and several other remedies that have all fallen short and I've just about had it. This summer I really wanted to say good bye to chub rub and searched the internet for advice (because duh the internet solves everything right?) I came across the big girl blog with the absolute best product recommendation!

I've used Monistat's chafing relief powder gel for the past couple of weeks on hot days and I am free to wear all the skirts and shorts and dresses I dream of. It works great at both preventing and soothing and a little goes a long way. What could be better? I figured I'd share my enthusiasm about this product because it really is a game changer for me when it comes to summer style. Hope this helps any other ladies with this issue!

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