Thursday, October 3, 2013

Alt Groove links 10.3.13

T O P I C S:

  • Ahhhhh the government shut down. The point I want to drive home the most is we voted these people into congress. They have on average, a 90% reelection rate, yet a 9% approval rate right now. We can't complain about congress if we keep giving them their jobs back every election cycle. I will go as far to say maybe you shouldn't complain if you didn't vote. Maybe people will pay attention to who they're voting for now? One can only dream.
  • One local effect of the shut down I wanted to highlight is the Head Start program, A federally funded early learning daycare program, had to close it's doors. Approximately 1,200 children In Bridgeport alone under the age of 5 and their working parents are scrambling around to find child care. On top of that, Many of the workers had to be laid off as a result of this.
  • Ikea is in the news again for being awesome. They are now making solar panels. Currently they are only being sold in the UK, but I'm sure they'll make their way to the States.
  • A dog named Sundance ate 5 $100 bills and left the 1 $1 bill while he waited in the car for his owners. The owner actually collected the remnants and sent it to the US Treasury and the government actually reimbursed him. Lolz.
  • The affordable care act has got tons of people in a tizzy. CT has this fancy new site to guide individuals about selecting coverage, and even have this interactive myth busting game that I encourage everyone to play, even if you're not from CT. You can speak with an insurance broker for free; they will hold your hand and answer all your questions. I think this is a great thing for America, even if people don't fully get it yet. 
All of the playlists will now be in an album on my facebook page. woo!

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