Sunday, September 29, 2013

"Yes Dear" in progress

This is the first sculpture for my first series of works. I feel like it's taking me  f o r e v e r  to finish, but I keep reminding myself it's because I'm still figuring out the process; not to mention it's a more difficult pose than the other pieces I have in mind. The idea behind this piece is basically a stab at male chauvinism. I don't know how else to articulate my ideas about it yet, but make of it what you will. I'm super stoked about it :)

 I started by building solid. It was the easiest way I could think and plan out the form but gravity was clearly plotting against me. One of my friends builds this way after gaining some tips from the NCECA video Beth Cavener Stichter made about her process.

At this point it's hollowed out and taking shape.

Here's where I'm at now! The body is mostly done. I've added legs and have been compressing and smoothing the outside with various ribs. I have to finish up the head and attach it, make a tale, sew an apron and decide on how to paint it after it's fired. I'm really hoping my professor is right when he said the process will go much quicker after this first one. I plan on having 8 to 12 of these little guys by next year. Yikes!

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