Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Alt Groove 11.14.12

IT'S BEEN SO LONG I MISS DOING MY SHOW ;~; Super storm Sandy came by the week of Halloween, then it was the freak nor'easter last wednesday, so here I am two weeks later with a shortened show because I have to do homework ughh what is that.

T O P I C S :

  • A Cleveland judge sentenced a woman to hold a sign that reads "Only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus" for ~you guessed it~ driving on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus. 
  • Cursive is on it's way out from school curriculums--say it ain't so! Three states already gave it the boot. Is this a no no? Or is cursive becoming too archaic?
  • There's a petition that's gaining traction to get Macy's to dump Donald Trump. I think this would be a good move. No one likes him and he's a meanie (among other things, like sexist, racist, and in denial). What do you think?
  • The WSIN webpage is now a blogging tumblr with posts about show times, artists we support, events we're doing...stuff like that. So excited! have a tumblr? go follow! Also, if you click the listen button on the sidebar, not only can you creep on the DJ during the show, but you can comment in the chat box on the side! as long as you're logged into your facebook you can chat away.
M U S I C:

Next week the campus is closed for thanksgiving break so I will not be having my show. HOWEVER I'll be using that time to upload some past shows onto! You'll be able to download podcasts via itunes or just listen on spreaker, so that's exciting.

Till next time cool cats,


  1. That judge is the coolest person EVER. I heard about it last week and watched a video of the woman driving on the sidewalk. Nuts.

    and I hate cursive. It was such a pain to learn and once they stopped requiring me to use it for schoolwork, I stopped using it for everything. My signature got all wonky and now you can only tell what the first letter and the very last letter is because the rest is all squiggles. ;)

    1. woah woah woah I'll have to find the video!

      I've been the type of gal that loves and admires cursive, but it takes me too much thought so I only use it when my brain can handle it XD


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