Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Centerpiece DIY

Super quick and easy DIY to add a final touch to your thanksgiving decor. Most if not all of the stuff you might already have!


  • twigs
  • leaves
  • pine
  • ribbon
  • optional: gold spray paint


  1. gather all the nature you'd want to include into your centerpiece. I wanted to make sure I had all of the colors of fall!
  2. depending on the size of the table, brake the twigs to the size you'd want. I ended up using a total of about a dozen twigs and kept them around two to 3 feet in length.
  3. If you're using spray paint, split the amount of twigs in half and give them a nice coat of spray paint. Wait a couple minutes, flip 'em over and spray the other side.
  4. After your golden twigs dry, layer the twigs into a bunch, alternating between gold and brown. 
  5. Using about three feet of ribbon, wrap it around the bunch twice, and tie a pretty bow
  6. using the leaves and the pine, stick them all throughout the leaves until you are pleased!

As you can see, this would look fine with just the twigs, or just twigs and pine; especially for a christmas centerpiece. This idea is totally customizable and didn't cost me a dime! If you found some pinecones, you can spray paint them gold and use them as place settings for a little something extra :3

Hope you like this little DIY! let me know if you've tried this or had a centerpiece DIY of your own!


P.S. - Dont let your dog chew up the material

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. i like the centerpiece! i used pine cones in my place settings this year.

    saw your post on etsy offering blog ads (just purchased the large) then saw you're from CT!! nice to find another blogger in our state :-)

    1. Awesome Sauce! I thought I was alone in this tiny state haha :)

  2. This is so cute! I think I may use pine cones instead of leaves from our yard and use it for christmas instead.

  3. This centerpiece is so beautiful! I love how natural it is and that it goes horizontal instead of vertical!


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