Monday, April 1, 2013

NCECA Ramblings

NCECA (National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts) was everything I could have dreamed of and then some. I wasn't sure what I would get out of it from the get go, but I knew it could only benefit me. It took (very little) convincing from my peers/friends, but I'm incredibly glad they talked me into it.

As I mentioned in my last post, this trip is in a way "solidifying" my commitment to ceramics. Basically I've been so fickle with my major ever since I've started college. I knew I wanted to do art but had little formal experience with all the mediums. This seriously used to freak me out. When I found out I prefer three dimensional art wayyy more than 2D, I started to gain a little confidence. I realized that I REALLY love clay after my sculpture II class at my community college. This was my second class ever dealing with clay and the community college didn't have a kiln, so we casted and bondo-ed the final piece. (little story: my high school was fortunate enough to have the kiln explode my first semester there, closing school for 3 days. Thus, only 2D work was henceforth allowed) Now that I've moved on to a university with a kiln and chose ceramics (eventually) as my concentration, I feel like such a noob since there's so much to learn about clay and firing. NCECA was the crash course I desperately needed.

It opened my eyes to so many possibilities and venues to take my career and my work. It made me feel confident and apprehensive all at the same time. If anything I know what to tell my mom now every time she asks, "so what are you doing after you graduate?" I learned so much about tools, techniques, and the going-ons of the art world; which is still a bit foggy to me but I'll get it eventually. The crew that I went with were the best and made my trip that much more fun. On top of just being awesome, they answered all of my basic noobie questions like champs and just made me more excited about ceramics.

ANYWHOOZIES on to some pictures of work I drooled over!

This was the first piece I was immediately attracted to. Anastasie by Lisa Clague

Gleaming Antlers Once by Tomoko Nakazato. My first time chatting (sort of) all artsy type with an artist. My friend grabbed her attention and did most of the talking but still!

Ignited States of America by John Runnels. Made entirely of cigarette butts donated by his smoker friends. I got to meet him too; his studio is pretty awesome.

Some cups from the cup sale NCECA holds every conference. There was no name on the black and white cup but I wish there was 'cause I loved it.

The cup I donated to the cup sale. I didn't have too many great options to glaze but I was advised to enter anything just to get my name out there. Unfortunately I didn't get to attend the sale when things were available for purchase, but I hope it sold!

I got the chance to watch a pro, Gerit Grimm, work while talking about her career.

Then there was this guy at the Brent booth in the resource hall like what the hell.

Derailing a bit here but this was on the side of a building near the Mexican/Japanese fusion hotdog truck. It may not be a real Banksy but it was still exciting to see. Also Mexican + Japanese + hotdog = the most confused yet amazing thing I ever ate.

I order the Geisha.

 Not sure of the name for this piece but it was by Valerie Zimany. I stared at her work quite a bit and found my self visiting it over and over again.

My favorite set at La Masa. I just love the colors and the shape and the fact that theres a spoon.

So NCECA was awesome and I'm currently convinced that I should try and attend every conference from now on--at least until I'm a bit established. It'll be a fantastic way to see different parts of the country since it moves every year. Next one's in Milwaukee, see you there?


  1. How awesome to see those artists in the process of making something. Very cool. Also love the graffiti art! That's a good one.


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  2. Great post and photos. I'm always impressed by everyone's art since my artistic talent is minimal. haha. Thanks so much for the comment. :)
    xoxo Aimee


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