Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Review: Boiing Concealer by Benefit

Can you tell which half of my face has the concealer?

This is by far my most favorite concealer I’ve ever used. It was recommended to me by a gentleman who works at Ulta; he swears by it. This concealer is the first one that I’ve owned that you can use all by itself (as I did in the photos) so it’s great for those days when all you want to do is cover a zit or under the eyes. 

I’m using number 02, about four times a week mainly for the bags on my eyes and the occasional zit. Boiing usually retails for about $20 - $25. However, it has lasted me four months so far and I’m about half way through with it. My sister uses it every day, and hers lasted about three months. Worth every penny! The Boiing concealer is creamy, smooth, and leaves skin feeling just the same. I usually only use my finger to apply it, making it perfect for beginners or people who don’t put on alot of makeup (ie. dudes).

Benefit’s packaging is cute and simple, if you’re picky about those things. I haven’t had any issues with the cap or anything. I only have to apply it once at the beginning of the day, no worries about it rubbing off.

Every time I wear this concealer in conjunction with my foundation, I get compliments on my beautiful skin. It’s sheer enough to let your natural tones (like my rosy cheeks) show without overdoing it. It IS possible to cake it on, but it’s still not so bad….you’ll just end up looking like a porcelain doll.

All in all, a great product! TTFN!<3


  1. on the left half lol,wow,that looks so natural!!
    what a great conceiler!
    I found your blog on IFB,but I can not seem to find your FOLLOW button lol

    great blog,keep posting! xo

  2. :O) you guessed it! haha I love this concealer. thanks so SO much!


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