Monday, October 15, 2012

Alt Groove 10.10.12

T O P I C S :

  • My take on the debate from last week: NPR and PBS mean way too much to me for Romney to take any funding away from them. I sorta stopped paying attention to anything else after he said that bit. Besides, that would be like a raindrop in a garbage can in comparison to the national debt. So I played a techno remix of Sesame Street in honor of PBS and NPR.
  • Some genius kid decided it'd be a great idea to lick a handrail in an NYC subway FOR A DOLLAR. blegh. 
  • A woman was caught riding a manatee, and then decided to turn herself in. I can't help but find this funny.
  • NPR's Collin McEnroe was talking about african american hair on his show. I wanted so badly to email him but then I forgot. He brought up a very interesting point: If Michelle Obama and her daughters had natural hair or dreadlocks, would the country still have elected Barack Obama into office?
M U S I C :

- Avé

P.S. I'm driving myself crazy curating the Post-It show for the gallery space at my school. Regulary timed posts will resume soon, I promise!


  1. So this will likely show my total ignorance in the whole matter but what do you mean by Michelle Obama and her daughters not having natural hair?

    Do they have a wig/extensions? Or do they just style their hair to look the way it does? Or is it something else completely?

    1. their hair is relaxed, which means it's chemically treated every 6 to 8 weeks in order for it to be straight. African americans' hair naturally grows how mine is and not until recently has it been "accepted" in the african american community (fros have been viewed as unkempt, dirty, inappropriate, etc... since the slave days and the notion still exists :O). most african american women relax their hair starting around age 6 or so (hair is a big thing in the african american community, ie: Chris Rock's documentary Good Hair, lol)

      You probly would've never known if you didn't ask :3

    2. Ahh so that's what relaxing is. I've heard the term but never knew what it was. I think most African American women I know have relaxed hair then.

      One girl I knew in high school would always do braided extensions/weaves and I always encouraged her to leave her hair natural but she said her scalp had been damaged because of the extensions and weaves she always wore so she didn't like to do natural hair. :(

      I remember the drama that Gabby Douglas' hair caused after her first day out competing in the olympics this summer. All that drama over hair. I never knew until then what hair meant to the african american community.

      For what it's worth, I love your hair and think you rock the fro. And I can't think of a single person who I've seen that had a fro or dreads that looked unkempt or dirty.

    3. If you wear weaves and extensions often it can really thin out your hair since there's added weight pulling at your strands.

      omg yeah! the Gabby Douglas thing drove me nuts. Any one with typical hair could sport a messy bun no problem, why couldn't Gabby? and her hair was not supposed the focus of the olympics :S

      and Thanks! Me neither, but that's the rep it's got with the older folks of the african american community. I'm pretty sure it's a trend african americans started to dislike their own natural hair texture. I don't think other cultures see it that way.

      i can talk about hair forever, haha :P


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