Wednesday, October 10, 2012

School Show and Tell

I'm on campus at least 12 hours a day, four days a week, so naturally I should blog about it! I'm only ever in one of two places: the ceramics studio or at the radio station. My classes are Drawing I, Ceramic Sculpture II, Chinese III, Media Research, and History of Art in Eastern Asia. I can't believe I'm all ready about half way through the semester! For some classes, I'm glad because I can't wait for them to be over I really don't like to draw.

My stuff is in the middle. Still lives, paper and light studies.

My second project for sculpture is a llama. Not done though!

My first project is a statement on social media usage. It went through the kiln yesterday and now it's waiting to be glazed.

The station front desk. AKA: where I spend a ton of time.

Here's where I do my shows :D

School's keeping me busy but I have a couple of blog posts that I really want to finish up! Hopefully soon.



  1. I love the social media sculptures!

    So what's your radio show about?

    1. Thanks! on my show I play a mix of alternative, indie, electronic type stuff all kinda groovy. Kinda hard to explain but it makes a cohesive playlist between things like passion pit and Stevie Wonder, haha :) I talk about off beat news, topics that interest me, and events going on in the new haven CT to NYC area (mostly art shows or concerts or anything free. college kids love free!) Any post titled alt groove is my radio show, and I'm on air every wednesdays 6:30 - 8pm EST

  2. Awesome stuff. Good luck with your classes!


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