Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Art Major Major Decision

latest thing from my drawing class

October has been an super uber busy month for me. Midterms, curating the gallery space on campus, work for WSIN, bakesales, portfolio review, critiques, homework, sinfest, dragball, etc... This semester seemed to start off late so literally everything is playing catch up this month--so am I! I have a couple of blog posts that have been waiting to be typed since September :X.

All that has nothing really to do with what I wanted to talk about, which is my decision to drop the Media Studies major. No more double major. Just an Art major. *inhale, exhale* My entire college career has revolved around art. I've been too nervous to pursue this alone because of how risky it can be. Here's a list of all the switches I've made since Fall semester 2008:

  • graphic design
  • art and psychology
  • art and nursing
  • art psychology
  • art education
  • art and media studies
  • art (concentration in ceramics)
Crazy right? I haven't been confident enough until recently that I can do something with this degree. It'll  take a lot of hard work, but it will be so worth it. I kept thinking about my future and there was no place  for the Media Studies degree. My goal is essentially to have my own studio, work on my stuff, and sell my stuff--oh and blog along the way ;). This new found confidence came after helping out with the Post-it show (which was awesome by the way). I got to decide what art goes in the show, the layout of the gallery, and the placement of the work. It was one of the most satisfying things I've ever done. I'd love to curate another show; I'll probably add own and/or work for a gallery to my list of goals. That plus how much more seriously I'm taking my work really helped me make my decision. Also, I have the absolute most supportive fiancĂ© ever, and he believes in me *awwww*

TTFN! - Avé


  1. I love the idea of art & psychology/nursing. Using art as a means to heal sounds like such a wonderful option! Good for you for making the switch! You'll be much happier now!

    1. me too! it's still a pretty new thing though so there's not many places actually using art therapy. Studies are increasing and the outlook is good though! thanks so much for your support :D

  2. Hola Ave!
    I agree with the Quiet Owl. I find very interesting the art & psychology but what ever you do, stay in Art! :)


    1. stay in art? don't have to tell me twice, lol! thank you so much :D


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