Sunday, April 22, 2012

Alt Groove Recap - 4.18 - Tuna Scrape, what?

P L A Y L I S T :

F A S H I O N :

This has been the week of flowy dresses on campus all week! Larger patterns in style, I can dig it. I'm also diggin' the availability of canvas shoes this season. I plan on dying and designing a pair for myself, so hopefully you'll get a chance to see it. Lastly, a trend I'm seeing on campus for both boys and girls are deconstructed denim vests; it's a great way to express and personalize your style--great for everyone!

T O P I C S :

  • The Needle Drop came by and talked about his career as a music critic via his vlog, blog, and radio show. It was awesome! Check out my full review of the event here.
  • The media studies club hosted a showing of The Purity Myth. This film showcases the inequality between men and women when it comes to sex and virginity. Lately, government agencies, schools, and the media want to see a return to gender rolls circa 1950 and have been placing a huge importance on women's virginity. It lead to great discussion; I made sure to point out to the men in the room that this view of women adds yet another layer of challenge that women face in everyday life that men never have to worry about. The film also shows people in favor of this movement towards virginity opposing feminists. The most shocking part was the women who were against feminism--REALLY? Feminism is the support of equality between the sexes. When women are still being paid 20 cents less than men across the board, I don't know how any woman could be against it. Other points were made, like not every christian or republican thinks like this and how the crazy few make the rest look bad to the public. I think the most important part of this event was showing how crucial it is to vote so Romney people who think like this aren't elected into office.
  • While scrolling through my twitter feed, I came across NPR's tweet that jeopardized my love for spicy tuna rolls. Apparently there's a growing concern about the safety of raw fish because of something they call "tuna scrape," which is the meat closest to the bones. Say it ain't so! Read more about it here. 

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