Monday, April 16, 2012

Internet's Busiest Music Nerd...On Campus!

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Anthony Fantano of the b/vlog, The Needle Drop. WSIN radio, where he got his start, hosted the event. If you haven't heard of or seen it yet, The Needle Drop reviews music from all sorts of genres focusing on those of the "independent persuasion."

We talked about how he started, how he makes a living, advice for future media entrepreneurs, music stuff, etc etc... It was slightly surreal to meet a youtuber I'm so used to seeing on my computer screen, but it was really awesome! He was super nice and helpful, just what I needed as I'm kicking this hobby into high gear :).

There were two little gems of info that I gained from this Q&A session (three if you include the birth of Cal Chuchesta):

  1. Post content consistently, using all social media sites to your advantage. He used a rapper by the name of Little B (Lil' B?) as an example. He's certainly not the greatest rapper (to say the least), but he's constantly uploading mix tapes, music videos, and posting on twitter--so much that it leaves little room to breath and consume it all; but it's effective.
  2. As long as you provide an original perspective on a topic you love, people will come back and might even follow. This is especially true if you share content with others that they may not have learned otherwise.  It also helps if it's content that people would want to share.
There were a bunch of other things like how he handles his diverse fan base and requests, where does his income come from with advertisements, and more businessy type things, but I'm not quite there yet :P Still, super cool to meet him and learn behind the scenes things about a young, successful entrepreneur. Hope to see him again sometime!

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