Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DIY: Simple Lace Headband

I had some left over lace scraps and found a cute way to use 'em! for this super easy project, you will need:

  • 18" - 22" of lace trim (or ribbon)
  • a hair tie
  • scissors 
  • needle and thread or a sewing machine


  1. Measure the lace trim around your head. The ends don't have to reach each other but make sure it reaches to the nape of your neck, keeping in mind seam allowance. My lace piece was 22" total.
  2. Fold the lace end around the hair tie and sew back and forth a couple of times. I used a straight stitch back and forth about five or six times. Repeat for the other end.
  3. Trim the excess near the stitch. DONE! 

For the skinnier lace trim I used some left over elastic instead of a hair tie. I try not to waste my scraps. Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial!



  1. Im going to try it.....
    Using needle nd thread cos i dnt have a sewing machine :(
    Nice tutorial...

    1. awesome! needle and thread wont be so bad, still a quick project I promise ;) good luck! thanks for reading!

  2. Oooh This is a wonderful idea. I like this so much.. This is so cute for hot summer days..:))
    Thank you very much...

    1. the thick headband keeps the frizzies under control on the humids days, lol :D Thanks for reading!


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