Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sponsorship Kick-Off: Free ad space on my blog!

Hi everyone! You might have noticed I've been changing things around here on my blog. That's because I've been making room for sponsors! I'm very excited to offer the 1st 30 days free with a promo code to get the ball rolling. I've decided to use Passionfruit ads so bare with me as I'm still new to the game. 

You can use this as an opportunity to advertise your blog, store, tumblr, facebook page, event, or whatever else! With each purchase of an ad, you will also get either an interview/feature post or be included in a group feature post. You can check out the new sponsor tab for more details.

So the promo code is *drumroll* 

This promocode will take 100% off of any ad you choose (yup, even the venusaur ad)! It will be active until September 16. One use per person. I can't wait to hear from you! 


1 comment:

  1. Hi admin of this blog,
    I'm sorry if it's out of the topic. But if you have another blog contest, you can contact me for sponsor. I can give sponsor for free t-shirt merchandise for the winner and runner up with design you want (your blog logo, your image, not always from my design on my shop).

    This information also for bloggers if you want to make a blog contest, you can contact me.

    Thank you and I really sorry if my comment is out of topic.



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