Monday, August 13, 2012

Insta-roundup: Peabody Museum, Treadmill, and Nerdfighter party

Remember that outfit post when I said I went to the Peabody Museum? This little raptor was one of the many pictures I took when I went. Even though I've been there countless times on field trips throughout my academic career, It's still fun and you're bound to see something new.

Afterwards my sister, Nancy, and I went to Mamoun's Falafel House. I'm under the impression that this is a hidden gem in New Haven that only Yalies and a few locals know about. I love falafel and I'm also under the impression that so does everyone else (and if you don't, try Mamoun's and you will). Nancy's never been so it was basically manditory that we go. Easily my favorite restaurant in downtown New Haven!

Small accomplishment of mine--a mile in under 15 minutes! I've been trying to build up my endurance and get into running. I usually do increments of walking and running. This week I was doing 4 walking, 3 running. This particular time I did my four minutes of walking, and decided to keep running. So proud :3. Jimmy Eat World's "The Middle" was the perfect song to keep me going.

Two days ago I went to a friend's graduation/going away party. She's a nerdfighter whovian like me, so I knew what ever gift  Zack and I gave her had to be awesome and related to one of those things. I decided to make her a DFTBA necklace out of Bananagram letters (since I couldn't find spare scrabble tiles :/). It was a slightly tedious project, but well worth it. DFTBA = Don't Forget To Be Awesome. So while she's over in New Zealand she can wear it so other nerdfighters can find her and know she's awesome.

The last picture is the TARDIS cake she and her dad made. It's literally the most amazing cake I've ever seen. She and her dad did a great job; and it was tasty too!

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