Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Insta-roundup: food, friends, etc.

Night one of the Greek Odyssey festival was just me and the fiancé....And his family. He and his family go every night to help out with various tables and jobs. I got a classic gyro complete with tzatziki sauce and a delish slice of spanakopita. Looking back at these pics makes me so hungry!

Night two of the festival of COURSE I instagrammed my precious loukoumades. I also had a frappé, yummmmmm. I took my friend Danisha since we both want to make it to more festivals and fairs this season.

This bag was definitely my splurge of the month. Even though it was only $35, I'm trying my best to stick with a stricter budget. BUT this was justified because although I loved my book bag, It couldn't fit my MacBook Pro 15" circa 2008. I have to bring my computer on campus and this bag can fit that and so much more. Bottomless. Pit.

This is the type of burger my brothers eat. I was in awe of it's size; they finished it in about 10 minutes like, NBD.

Moose owns a tux. He's all set for the wedding.

Me on the homepage of LookSoup while the promotion week was in effect :3

I post on instagram all the time! If you want to see 'em before they make it to the blog, follow me @averenee


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