Tuesday, September 11, 2012

LookSoup [dot] com

Recently I was contacted by the fashion blog research director of LookSoup.com to use their website because they were interested in the content that I was putting on my little corner of the interwebs. They offered to feature my posts on their homepage for a week, which was really a cool incentive for me to check it out. I've spent a couple of hours fiddling around and I have to say I'm really excited about it! That being said, this is purely my opinion; LookSoup didn't pay me or any business like that.

wowowow there I am! 

What is this LookSoup you speak of?

This is a new and growing community of fashion lovers and influencers. It's a place for the like to share their fashion, style, products, etc... to a community that would be interested. Likewise it's a great place to find inspiration, trends, products, and other styles you may not have explored yet. They're goal is to "Spread the good style!"

I love that they use the word "look." It may seem trivial, but "look" implies so much more than "fashion." That's why across my blog I use "style" and my fashion/style tumblr is called avelooks. "Look" covers the entire ensemble from head to toe. That means makeup, hair, outfit--everything that makes up the final look. "Fashion" kinda lends itself to just clothes and may not take into consideration the entire composition of a look. Trivial but important, I think.

What makes it different from other sites like it?

My first impression was like, alright, Pinterest/Tumblr thing for fashion only. But it has some key differences that really makes it special. Unlike other online fashion type communities that I've experienced, It's really focusing on personal style more so than what's happening on the runway. High fashion is cool and all, but I could really care less to be quite honest. Amongst all the shuffle on the internet it's hard to find real, normal, diverse people and what they are wearing and what they want. On LookSoup? Not so much so! You can find them much easier.

They also have this nifty thing called your LookSoup score. It's a way to measure the fashion influence you have on the site. You get points based on how many likes, collections and followers you get/have.  LookSoup breaks it down much better than I can right here.


If the site continues to go in the direction of predominately personal style, I will definitely be active on this site. I love to see what other people are wearing! I want to see user generated content ~ fancy way to say pictures (in this case) that people take themselves. If it turns into looking like a page out of VOGUE, they'll probably lose me there.

If you're interested in this sort of thing and have room in your digital life for one more community, I definitely recommend you check out LookSoup. I've added a button on the right sidebar towards the bottom if you're interested in seeing/following my page.

Big thanks to LookSoup for bringing their site to my attention!

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