Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tune in Tuesday: Alabama Shakes' Boys & Girls

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  • Genre: southern rock, soul, blues rock
  • Favorite Track: "Hang Loose"
  • First Listen: August 2012
  • Released: April 2012
  • Found out through: Karen from The Quiet Owl
  • Listen to this while you're: cooking comfort food
When I find a band that I really like, like, reeeeaally like, they are all I can think about for a good while. Right now, Alabama Shakes is that band. I got so excited when I heard them on Karen's blog that I immediately had to find out more and eventually purchase the album. Boys & Girls is their debut album. I almost wish it wasn't because that means I have to wait for another album and there isn't a mass discography for me to fall back on to fill my fix. I had the same issue last year with Sleigh Bells...I'm so greedy!

Alabama Shakes is an awesome blend of grit, Motown, and passion; kinda like if you were to cross Kings of Leon with James Brown and Marvin Gaye. I love the bluesy riffs in songs like "Heartbreaker" and "You Ain't Alone" and the funk on tracks like "I Found You" and "Rise to the Sun." The whole album is a seriously great mix. The band has already made their rounds on the late night talk shows, so their's plenty of opportunities to see lead singer Brittany Howard's magnetic stage presence. I have to say I LOVE that the frontman of the band is a woman and the band isn't your typical bunch of dudes. It's just so refreshing.


P.S. OF COURSE they're playing at Terminal 5 in NYC and the tickets are sold out. I have yet to go to that venue but everyone I want to see plays there and I always find out a little too late. ~le sigh~


  1. I've seen Alabama Shakes pop up numerous times recently since they're apparently touring and my company is in the entertainment industry. I come across way too many new bands and singers for me to check them all out, but thanks to your review I'm definitely checking them out later this afternoon! They sound like they might be my kinda sytle :)

    I will say that my company is part of the third market. However, there are numerous of resale marketplaces out there and tons of brokers in the NYC area. If you don't mind paying extra for a ticket to see their show, there are tickets available if you look in the right places. :) But I totally feel ya. Even working at this company I tend to find out my favorite artists are playing somewhere, like, this weekend and it's sold out already. I find out so late sometimes

    1. Sounds like you might have a fun job! I might look into stubhub or something if schedule and funds permit :3 I hope you enjoy Alabama Shakes!

  2. Found out about them accidentally and sooo glad I did!! Thanks for reminding me to go listen to them.



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